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[ Original Text ]I felt the history that started from ancient times and continued to expand in the long time and space.. Those people and things have disappeared in the past, but those smiles and tears, worries and thoughts, anger and fear, survival and death, victory and failure.       I haven’t walked into the bookstore for a long time. I have time to visit the bookstore today.. Now it is very convenient to buy books and read books. There is a book wholesale market in the lotus pond in the north of the city, a book market in the southwest in the east street, a Xinhua bookstore in the south of Rennan Road, and a lot of higher education institutions in the south of the First Ring Road. There are more bookstores than you can count. One’s deceased father grind, one’s TOEFL test, and one’s professional bookstore that must read abroad, etc..   Back in childhood, when I went to primary school, I was ” red schoolbag” and ” slap – big, a quotation from chairman Mao, a” supreme instruction ” and a” old three ” were all stuffed up.. That is, the little ” red bag” and the ” red soldier” sleeve on the left arm accompanied me through the four years of primary school.. ( In the third grade in 66, when the Cultural Revolution began, he was 67 years old and talked about’ red and professional’, and in 68 – 69, he was almost’ closed for classes and revolting’ ).   In the years of primary school, I couldn’t find the shadow of Xinhua Bookstore in my mind. At that time, the school had to be divided into’ commercial school, industrial school and cadre school’ according to my father’s profession.. I entered a’ business school’ near the western hills. Fortunately, at that time, performance was not valued very much, and a few dizzy years passed.   I went to middle school in 70 years and became the first middle school student in my family. At that time, I had a very proud’ yellow satchel’. I don’t know if the reason for the suspension of classes for several years was that I sent many books to school ( several times fewer than the current middle school students ). I remember clearly, one English book, one draft bill on basic industrial knowledge, one draft bill on basic agricultural knowledge, one Chinese book and one math book.. I started my middle school life with the slogan ” Red and Specialized” and ” Learning to Work and Study Farmers”.   At that time, I was full of curiosity about books. I opened an English book. The first lesson was Long Live Chairman Mao and the second lesson was Long Live Chairman Mao.. I wish Chairman Mao a long life, the basic knowledge of industry is actually physical chemistry, and agriculture is biology, just learning ” 920” ( a strain that can produce mushrooms and feed, etc. ). I was not shy at all in class. I made up for what I didn’t learn in primary school by reading aloud.. In high school, I learned about Wei Wei, who was the most lovely person and became the favorite prose at that time.. Knowing the petrel written by Gorky and the exhortation to study, I learned the late literary feeling before I began to immerse myself in the book..   Is to study seriously and finish the homework well? When I was still a student farmer, I was too big to move stones. I became the vice president, but the president was a girl.   At that time, we often had to show our performance in the school’s ” sports” and the monitor did not dare to go. The speech was not found in books, but was to be found in newspapers.’ In the current good situation, we …’ and a little experience, I could’ read Lang’ on the high podium.. The original lack of primary school study happened to be in the ” progress” of the speech in this movement..   In junior high school, I also had the opportunity to enter Xinhua Bookstore in three years. As a class cadre, I often went to buy advanced reading materials for my class with my classmates. At that time, I knew Lei Feng, Wang Jie, Liu Yingjun and Wang Jinxi.. 1972 counterattack 5. The rightist movement to overturn the case advocated that ” we should look at the water margin and the three kingdoms” could not understand the essence of the famous works at a very young age, but the characterization of the characters in the book and the description of the process laid the foundation for me to write something about.. Of course, although I was a class cadre, I didn’t ” get away from the masses” either. At that time, the most ” yellow” book was the second handshake bill of the Regulations on Participation in Girl’s Heart. Although I was already a member of the Communist Youth League, I still couldn’t stand the temptation of participating in the Regulations on Girl’s Heart and secretly read the regulations on participation in the second handshake..   In high school, I still use the yellow satchel from high school. The straw green satchel has been washed to a pale yellow color. I knitted two red characters’ Suizhong’ on the satchel one by one ( a key local high school ). Let my family be proud, let my neighbors know – I’m in the tunnel.   It was the lighting of Suizhong Zhuoya Building that accompanied my high school study, and it was the building of Jiguang ( Huang Jiguang ) that took my study to another level. I entered the library for the first time in high school, which was the library of the school, where I learned Zhu Ziqing’s prose collection, Zhuoya and Su Na, and many books that benefited inexhaustible and inexhaustible for life..   I entered the reading room later, and the bookshop had an indissoluble bond with me..   Later, I went to another learning environment. My biggest hobby was a bookstore. Coincidentally, not far through my residential area, I walked through a path of trees and flowers, and next to the garden with rockery, cypress and flowers and plants is the main library building. Step into the library, people’s mood becomes relaxed and peaceful. In this spiritual home, lonely and lonely thinking can find friends of dialogue through time and space, people with questions can find valuable answers, people who want to know the world can find wonders and fun, and people who want to spy out something can satisfy some desires..   Back then, when reading, there was only a slight voice in the reading room that turned the pages.. Here, I learned about some great people, their extraordinary thoughts of insight into heaven and earth and the hearts of the people, their ability to transform the world, their undertaking with a heavy sense of mission, their achievements of shocking the past and the present, and their lives and emotions as ordinary people..   I felt the history that started from ancient times and continued to expand in the long space and time.. Those people and things have disappeared in the past, but those smiles and tears, worries and thoughts, anger and fear, survival and death, victory and failure, strength and weakness, like the eternal music that has shaken people’s hearts, reverberate in their ears for a long time..   Students’ knowledge has been satisfied in books, and the bookstore has become my mentor after entering the society.. During my tour of the book sea, I partially understood the development process, core, operation rules and development trend of this huge and complex economic society..   I also saw the loftiness and meanness of human nature, as well as the touching stories in the real world and the strange stories in the imaginary world, all of which increased my knowledge, inspired my thinking and reflection and washed my heart.   Take back my thoughts of wandering in the book sea, and my eyes fell on the literature bookshelf. There is a foreigner looking for books nearby. It seems to be a foreign student. Let me make a solemn statement: HEOL, NEITTOMETHEYO, are you a learner??   Foreigners also enjoyed it. Yes, hello. I asked her if she was also learning Chinese. I was dumbfounded by a series of answers from foreigners. I had to smile knowingly and chose two.<新慨念> A good-bye goes to the cashier.[ Responsibility Editor: Moon Ran[ Original ]

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