The old house was deserted for a long time. Spiders like this kind of house best and excitedly pull the web from door to door and from tree to tree.. Wild flowers and weeds have also moved from nowhere, taking root in walkways and corners in disorder. Where there is soil, there must be a shadow of them.. Fruit trees are at ease. They simply blossom and bear fruit without paying attention to the flowers and plants. It’s none of their business to hang up high..   I don’t know when, a stray cat settled on a cabinet in a corner of the kitchen and gave birth to three Xiao Mao. Mother is always omnipotent. She doesn’t know where to get food and water. She keeps kittens fat, strong and beautiful.. Pushing open the creaking old wooden door and stepping into the yard, I, an unexpected guest, was so strange in the eyes of the kitten that they watched my every move warily..   The house had a musty smell and added a few more cold and desolate threads..   A deserted yard, a deserted old house, and a deserted me. I am barren – I have entered the year of no doubt and have forgotten where my roots are? Gone with the wind, like passing through teenagers and youth, what do you leave for yourself? Empty hands, empty eyes, empty heart, like this empty courtyard. The long-lost crops have no harvest. What about the long-lost people? Unconsciously, palms are soaked with sweat . Ah

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