Bloody trapped in words

At first, it felt very special and interesting to see this topic. Even think of philosophy is very strong, but with constant thinking is more and more embarrassing. Later, it became a kind of fear completely, and it was difficult to disperse for a long time. Perhaps it was a coincidence! A gentleman suddenly said a word, and later we were still friends. A simple sentence directly put me into the original state, tears stream down uncontrollably. Relatives, friends, wives, children, countries, kings, peace and wars have poured in directly to make me die and live, unable to do so on my own.     Not to mention the credibility and moral standards of friends today, just look at the veterans who have been on the battlefield! A trench out of the love of life and death is enough weight, isn’t it! Especially those who used their own body or wisdom to snatch comrades from the dead are all big men. But in the end? Some doorways have managed to mix food and clothing with warmth for four seasons, which is better than the previous shortage.. However, some people who have been baptized on the battlefield life and death line all the year round have already gone deep into their bones in their murderous look and habits.. As if leaving the battlefield has not adapted to normal life, so there is such and such embarrassment. Even if there is a scene of fighting with his rescue comrades in arms at last, it is because of the old love in my heart that I put my life in it.. The rescued comrade-in-arms don’t know if they thought about it when they pulled the trigger. Your life already belongs to him. He is a demon, and you have no excuse to take his life on behalf of others, and there is no reason why he should die now.? It is claimed that this is for the security of the country and the dignity of the law. People are dead. Do you know what dignity is and what security is?     Then came the so-called country, the so-called king’s so-called law, and whose country and whose king and whose law it is? From my point of view, the so-called ” gaining country” is the area where I was born and raised. And the so-called king is the environment and society that influenced me to cultivate me to grow up. And the law should be the kind of law that protects the common ground of the public. Is the majority of people eager to get it? What kind of rules are the laws that they want to live in?. The others are all bullshit, and they simply can’t stand back and forth. Looking at thousands of years of history, the so-called loyal and patriotic people are loyal to the borders of the powerful and the top figures of the powerful.. And those so-called laws are also laws imagined by powerful people, and their service to powerful people is self – evident..     From this, I thought of the education system. The word ” education” has always had the essence of reversing black and white.. Dayu’s water control measures include dredging and drainage, which are treated according to the nature of the water.. Blocking is not as good as dredging, dredging is not as good as guiding. And the nature of children also has different forms like water, and individual differences are huge. Even if you can’t find a child with completely consistent habits, hobbies and potentials, how can you satisfy the individual differences of all children according to a few lessons? Only in those war years will there be many outstanding talents, the reason being that the atmosphere of that era was not binding at all. People also have no way to teach their children well. Children educate themselves in reality. And play and self-reflection are at least the characteristics of an excellent person, and the elite who have not been taught are only the great men who have been taught by themselves..     From this, I thought about medical matters again. How many hospitals are patients who stand in and lie out every day. Although it cannot be said that medical institutions are incompetent, it also has something to do with the medical system. There has never been a person who died of old age in the world, only those who could not be cured and died of illness. Bian Que’s three brothers represent three levels of medical skill, and the eldest brother is about keeping in good health. Killing the disease in the initial stage, while the second child is preventive and sees if there is any advance sign of the disease in advance.. Bian Que is the third place to use all kinds of adjustments to kill the disease before its onset. He is what we have been pursuing to heal the sick and save the sick, and to heal the sick and save the sick with the heart of our parents.. But these three people’s feelings also have a high and low score, and the boss is expecting the healer to have no disease to cure the world without the healer.. The second child treats everyone with the heart of a real family member, hoping that all the people in the world will be free from illness.. Only the third place has the characteristics of a businessman, with the heart of a doctor’s parents on the mouth.. It’s really a businessman’s business. It’s basically no different from the current health care system.. The reason why people are ill is simply the unbalanced diet structure, coupled with the lack of proper behavior rules and self-psychological adjustment, which gradually leaves a hidden disease.. It is obvious that science today is suspected of snobbery to a large extent.     From this, I thought about the relationship between relatives and friends, what are relatives and friends? What is a friend?Relatives are family combinations derived from blood relationship and husband-wife relationship. Perhaps the influence of friends is not enough to determine a person’s emotional fluctuation. But the emotions between relatives are absolutely contagious, even contagious that cannot be skipped at all. He is in a good mood and brings you joy and warmth. His bad mood brings you absolutely negative emotions. Without a rational heart, he can’t let himself settle down freely.. Relatives are both a love and a disaster. Good is a wealth of life. If it’s broken, it can’t be looked up for generations, and the infection inside can’t even be eliminated for decades..     Family members are like this, let alone the husband and wife. There is a slight dissatisfaction with what will happen, even tearing each other up. Accusations and self-reproach have gradually become a common problem in almost all families, and their severity is no less severe than gambling. The bad infection gradually replaced the good infection gradually, leaving only embarrassment and pain. Perhaps blood is thicker than water and still has great family ties, but there is much difference between husband and wife.. Small cracks gradually accumulate and eventually become big differences. So that each other’s hearts begin to break up and half of them are given to their families. Half of them began to constantly look for people to rely on, and when they did not pay attention to meeting a very congenial person, they began to betray at the spiritual level.. Small three small four, Sir Zhong duck and so on also flooded with disaster. The unconstrained soul is vicious and dirty, even worse than a pig or dog. The spiritual infidelity is understandable, and the difference between free love and matchmaking is much more complicated.. But the physical infidelity is really hard to let people not despise, but they can’t control their own heart and still find many excuses to explain to themselves.. As a result, it is getting darker and darker, and how embarrassing it is that people don’t want to see it. Even if there are some blood cases due to emotion, it would be even more lamentable.     However, there is no lack of the word ” peace” and there is also the suspicion that it is bloody and long. A peaceful era always exists with the blood of great saboteurs to the country.. And those who died of legal or other causes are not without innocent suspicion. Since they came here, they should have the right to exist.. Even if he is an enemy of the law, he cannot deny the necessity that he should continue to exist. He can paint a region for the prison.. Is it not unusual for those who are enemies of the law to put them in by region?? Then give them a place where they don’t need the law and let them die by themselves. Some troops have regional security settings and they are still afraid that they will not be able to fly up?     Then again, aren’t these culprits also given to them by the environment and society? A person can’t find something he likes to study, and he must think of some way to destroy it.. Like some women and men, they can’t control the outside world. It is inevitable to vent this desire to control on the family, and the family cannot control it. Hey, hey.! I will try to vent this desire in other ways. Destructive desire is the simplest choice. It is not surprising to destroy society, the law, the safety of others or the family.     So I thought of the charity structure, not to mention the crooked ways of doing things in charity clothes.. The structure of charity with normal compassion alone is suspected of smearing the ruling party’s face. Is the country so ugly?. Do you need to play the role of savior? Is the country really so desperate for everyone’s life or death? If it is true that the country does not care about the lives of individuals, it is also your motherland.. You can’t control other people. At least you can control yourself! At least you can manage the small environment you can touch! Why take out a savior’s face and face the bad side of the country?? When the small snowballs roll slowly, they will certainly promote the improvement of the big environment. A gentle knife is also a knife.. Violence is also a knife. It doesn’t make much difference to me.     All this zero zero always really dare not dig deeper, not my incompetence but a restraint. Restrain yourself from being so cynical and superficial! Hey, hey.! Shanxi old west grumbles when angry youth is not much, this is also a release once in a while! As for the real anguish in the heart, it is better to hide it, and the province’s own tears also help to make some people sad.. This should also be a kind of hypocrisy! Good hypocrisy, right!One of his own bottom protection desire.     – 1: 582014 – 7 – 22 Laoxi continued to write at the invitation of Wen You in Taigu, Shanxi Province

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