Childhood dream

Childhood has gone far and far, giving me only a vague shadow, but those beautiful dreams of childhood have been deeply in my mind and in the depths of my memory..     When I was a child, I did not dare to ask my parents any special and extraordinary demands, knowing that a poor family like washing can not give me anything. So, in my childhood, I had to hide far away in a quiet corner and eagerly watched others do this and that. Even if I have some illusions, I will not be too extravagant and surprising. However, I still have dreams in my childhood, which are very practical and specific.     As soon as winter entered, the street partners were playing with muskets. At that time, the dream of childhood was to have a unique musket. Father is a man who doesn’t like anything and can’t play anything. He has always been a dignified face to us and never coaxed us into playing anything.. He won’t make, nor will he ever make any toys for us. Of course, this musket can’t be made either.. So, I went to beg the eldest brother to help me build one. The eldest brother finally agreed under the pleading of my hard-core mill.. However, the spokes of the musket car were difficult to handle, so I went to a few villagers who liked to tamper with the machinery and finally found it in a distant second brother’s house..     With the help of materials and eldest brother’s best efforts, my musket was made. Although the gun was not very unique, it was, after all, in my heart, I was very happy. I didn’t eat that night and went to sleep with a musket in my arms.. With his own family, he immediately had a sense of pride and pride in front of his companions. It looked like he had a real gun in his hand.. I often force my companions to take out a competition to see who is prettier and louder than who.     If you have a gun, you must also have gunpowder. If gunpowder cannot be obtained, match will be used instead. Carve down the little sulfur on the match head and gather it together, but it takes seven or eight matches to hit a gun, which is a waste..     At that time, matches were very precious and the family was very economical. Mother is very frugal in cooking for a fire. She usually uses a match to cook a meal at a time. It is very painful to use more than her mother.. In order to save matches, mothers usually have a fire in the morning. After dinner, they try to save the fire and wait until noon to cook.. After finishing the meal at noon, save the fire and reuse it in the afternoon. So, you don’t need a few matches a day. Every time my mother bought matches, she kept them well. One was afraid of dampness, the other was afraid of us spoiling them casually, and the third was afraid my father would take them away by smoking.. There is a small hole in the inner side of our hearth, which is specially used for lighting matches and kerosene lamps. No matter who uses matches, they should be placed in the small hole. There are several matches in the match box, and the mother seems to have several matches..     After my musket was made, although I tried it outside with my friends, I seldom showed up at home and didn’t dare to show off in front of my mother, for fear that her mother would not learn it well and that her mother would worry about her matches..     One day, while my mother was pushing away, I stole six matches quietly to try my musket. With six matches, the medicine was more sufficient, so the sound was very loud and the experiment was more successful. After this test, my heart began to itch and I always wanted to steal matches and fight again. So, I muster up courage, secretly to get a few matches. Looking at the match in the match box getting smaller and smaller, I was also particularly worried for fear of mother’s suspicion.. Sure enough, the careful mother found out the next day. She was very puzzled and asked me who moved the match.. I pretended not to know. But my mother did not give up. I was more afraid to find out the truth.. Mother finally did not doubt me, complaining about her father who likes smoking, saying that he did not know how to save and wasted some matches.. The mother could not finish talking about it, but the father was baffled and felt a little aggrieved, so he had a quarrel with his mother.. Watching my parents fight, especially my mother’s innocent mistreatment of my father, I felt very sad and regretful in my heart.. Hate is, at that time I didn’t have the courage to admit that I stole the match.     Childhood dreams are sour, bitter and astringent.     Since I was young, I have a special feeling for willow trees. The rows of willows swaying gracefully in my hometown are still clearly printed in my mind. In my childhood, I grew up with the willow trees in my hometown, but also with the willow flute in my hometown.. The dream of childhood is a loud willow flute in spring in my hometown.     In March, willow branches became very soft. In April, the willow trees were already very gentle and smooth, and could be used to make willow flutes.! Early in the morning, on the beach and in the woods, there was a clear and crisp sound of willow flutes from time to time..The flute was melodious, cordial and charming, and it sounded comfortable. Hearing the crisp sound of the willow flute, I suddenly got excited. At that time, our rural children, with Liudi playing, were already very enjoyable and enjoyable.! Liudi not only inspired me with music, but also gave me a beautiful dream. When I was a child, I watched somebody else play Liudi. My heart was itching, and I cried out for adults to make Liudi.. But adults don’t have time to make these things, so I have to do it myself.     Making Liudi is not a simple matter. It often fails to be made in half a day.. Sometimes it seems to work, but it just doesn’t work. I often burst into tears because of this anger, and I was jealous when I looked at people making Liudi look so triumphant.. Slowly, I finally learned to make Liudi, that kind of satisfaction, that kind of joy, that kind of satisfaction, that kind of madness, not to mention! The Liudi was successfully made, and although the sound was extremely harsh, it was also very happy.. So, he blew hard. Some adults deliberately tortured us and let us work hard. As a result, we listened to them.. The gills help drum up, suppress enough strength, blowing hard. It doesn’t take long for the two gills to get sore and numb. I don’t know what to do. I thought I had something wrong and went to see my mother. Mother is naturally a mockery.     The dream of childhood was the rough willow flute made by hand. Liudi gave me joy and made my childhood colorful and tasty.     Three childhood dreams are the kite flying higher and higher above the beach.     In childhood memories, kite flying is the clearest and most unforgettable scene. Spring is coming, and some strange kites float over the beach in my hometown, all made by older children who do not go to school.. These dancing kites have taken away the souls of our children and made us forget to go to school. After learning, several of our best friends also cried out to make kites, but they didn’t make them at last.     I couldn’t make a kite by myself, so I had to take a kite made by someone else.. Touch someone else’s kite string, drag someone else’s kite flying crazy run for a while, addicted, the in the mind is also very satisfied.     The dream of childhood is the sweet rubber at the same table. When I was a child, I went to school and wrote the wrong word. I only knew to rub it hard with my fingers, but I didn’t know what a rubber was.. In the third grade, an only child in the class, his father brought a scented rubber from Shanghai, and we didn’t know it was amazing and could clean the dark place.. The dream of childhood is the magic rubber, small but wonderful. By the time I graduated from the fifth grade, I finally had a rubber without fragrance.     The dream of childhood is a bag of orchid flowers, the dream of childhood is a flying top, the dream of childhood is a string of colorful glutinous rice dumplings sold by peddlers, the dream of childhood is to have a comic book of its own, and the dream of childhood is a slingshot that can lay down birds … ah, the dream of childhood is not far away, nor is it strange. Childhood dreams are neither illusory nor mysterious.   Childhood has gone far and far, but the dream is still very clear.   Oh, that bitter childhood, those bitter dreams.

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