The night was near, and came quietly, driving away all colors with his robe, leaving nothing but emptiness or nothingness.. Tired of sleep but away from sleep, the window opened, who listened to the sound of the night leaving, whether the flower was a tree or a newly fallen leaf, was it also tired?? The light dancing leaves whirled, flapped, streaked and plumes of air seemed to have been gently rubbed at night, mingled with the cold of the night and the fragrance of the leaves.. He hovered in his ear and lips, then came in at the first breath, playing mischievously in his body and finally in his heart..     I miss the dream that the world would not leave, but now I have been messed up by mischievous children, and finally I can’t even go back to fairyland.. The last thought of the night also dissipated, like the dream, staying in the future to look for and fantasize about it.. Unconsciously already involved in the outside. Now that you have come out, continue to be ignorant of your purpose. There will always be small things in the small corner, just like me, staying in the unknown corner all the time, waiting for unknown creatures to pass by the small corner, and perhaps a few wisps of thin air will haunt my dim shape, and then only joy will remain.. Destiny is both human and swirling. This time he chose me to be the unknown creature. Perhaps it was pity for me to wait for a long time, or perhaps I thought much of it..     How arrogant is the short tree fence, but its hidden heart is more charming. Looking at the eyes staggered, a few glances flicked out of date, but the green was hidden in the corner between the body and the quiver. Low body fine looking, low voice v.. You know we are a kind of thing? A few quivers, like wondering why I became a watcher, actually not. The world is big and the place is as big as small. I stand in the corner of the world. At this moment, you are the watcher and I am the stoppers..     The corner is the most ruthless, silent and silent. You stay here so weak that there is no place to live. It is taller than you and everywhere. They block your front and plunder your nutrients greedily. How long can you live?? We belong to this category, but I can only sigh for you. All of a sudden, other colors appeared in the expression of eyes. Between the glances, the light ions swirled in the green like naughty children. Ah, even if it is difficult, there will be a way out. It looks tall but there is a gap. The naughty children fly down from the gap like glowing cherry blossoms.. Yeah! The size of the world also has its flaws, and Bai Bi also has its flaws. Since he wants to hide in this world, there must be a bright road for us to find and set foot in..     Turn around, light brilliant fly flash. Light hand, there seems to be a mass of warmth rising in the palm, this warmth does not need any ornament of power and money. She is the purest and warmest, sending blessings from the heart to every corner. I am in the corner, and I am also in the heart..

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