Side effects of these risks have to be careful embedding weight loss

What are the side effects of embedding weight loss diet has always been very concerned about what women friends, and about the way to lose weight I believe we all know a lot of weight loss medicine which has recently been sought after by many people。
As the traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight in one, embedding weight loss is already a lot of people are beginning to use, but in fact, weight loss is also a side effect of embedding。 Xiao Bian below to tell us something about embedding weight loss side effects, these risks have to be careful oh!Embedding weight loss side effect: you do not know the risk of catgut embedding weight loss market is chaotic, if not resolved blindly implemented, with the following three risks。
First, the needle disinfection is not strict "catgut embedding lose weight" The main instruments are steel needle and catgut, for these two instruments, foreign countries have as one-time items, domestic regular hospital patient advocate the use of disposable needles, though not as a force, but at least one person to do a needle after use to go through a professional high-pressure steam sterilization, and this is not difficult to do regular hospital。
General Hospital is the large needle disinfection soak in alcohol, but alcohol can kill the bacteria, for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other viruses are ineffective。 Especially in the volatile alcohol concentration, may reach 75%, the disinfection effect will be even worse。
After needle insertion point and the human body, might Pengpo capillaries, therefore, if repeated use, the needle has not been fully autoclavable, between people, it is easy to spread from each other blood diseases, infectious most the disease is hepatitis B and AIDS。 Second, Shi needle's problems embedding weight loss side effects if not professionally trained, are not familiar with the body's acupuncture points or anatomical structure, then it is easy to danger。
"Catgut embedding lose weight" is an extension of acupuncture to lose weight, the body is an invasive medical treatment, although not fatal Shi needle vital parts, but by the needle in the case of people hungry, weak, fatigue, prone to dizzy needle。 Third, the burying position to grasp the sense of good, may appear depressed or nerve damage "catgut embedding weight loss" requires half catgut implantation layer of fat, half muscle implants。
If improper, the fat layer implanted pure line, it will cause liquefaction of fat, thus embedding parts will appear recess。 If the wrong tie points, but also serious damage to the body's nervous。
According to regulations, this invasive and invasive behavior of the human body, a medical act, Shi needle must hold a "medical practitioner's qualification certificate" and "physicians practicing certificate", the place stated in the medical institutions。
If the outside of hospitals, clinics, health administrative departments to go through the approval and filing。

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