After waking up from a nap at 8: 00 p.m., 20 yuan was pulled out of his wallet and hurried downstairs without washing his face..   I wandered the streets like a treasure hunt, but all I got back was information about the closing time of fast food restaurants.. Just as I was feeling hopeless, a faint light caught my step not far ahead of my sight. It was ” Zhu Ji Xiao Shi Dian Dian”.   I walked in with hungry hope. Only one lamp was lit in the store, and a fan seemed to linger and sway for the last time of the day, with a packed steamer stacked on the table below the fan.. At this time, there was only one male clerk, wearing a pair of glasses and holding the bill, sitting at the counter attentively counting the day’s harvest..   ‘ excuse me, do you have any food to eat? ‘ I reluctantly ask.   Oh, what do you want to eat? I still have steamed rice with slippery chicken. He righted his glasses, gave me a slightly hesitant look, squeezed out a smile and looked up at me and said.   ‘ then let’s have a chicken steamed rice! Well, please sit down! I found a place to sit down at random, then’ glasses’ brought a pot of tea and a disposable cup, ” have a cup of tea first, wait a few minutes, and I’ll get it for you right away.”! He just moved a few meters away and suddenly realized what he was doing, so he turned to me and said, ” Why don’t you go to the table with the fan? It’s cooler.”. ‘ I moved” position” to his designated position..   ” Glasses” entered the kitchen with satisfaction. The kitchen was made of glass partitions. I clearly saw him busy inside.. He skillfully reopened the steamer, took a clean steamer, and put the rice washed twice together with chicken and shredded ginger into the steamer..   The sight of’ glasses’ serving me attentively aroused a ripple of emotion in my heart..   About 5 minutes later, ” glasses” brought delicious steamed chicken rice.   ‘ Sorry to have waited so long, but the rice has just been prepared and is very hot. You should be my last guest today, so please enjoy it slowly in no hurry.. When I heard the word’ last’, I suddenly felt very lucky. In fact,’ glasses’ can completely save some things and make up a reason to say that the restaurant is closing soon and send me away, but he didn’t do that. Maybe he’s’ last busy’ just to earn me 10 yuan; Maybe he didn’t want his guests hungry. Maybe . ah, no matter what purpose’ glasses’ are for, he not only brings me satisfaction in filling my stomach, but also, most importantly, makes me accidentally reap the taste of happiness.

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