Falling flower season, acacia disaster

Walking alone on the long trail of the campus, my heart was full of thoughts from the moment of separation. This swirl of fallen flowers does not also know how to leave, flying in the sky for a long time before they will fall to the ground, the ground is full of yellow flowers! After stepping on the fallen petal gently, my heart is aching. How painful it was to leave! In this fallen flower season, I spend as many seconds as a day and as many years as a year, just waiting for a girl as fragrant as yulan..     I didn’t think in the days without you, my thoughts were like the surging waters of the Yangtze River.. I turned into a flat boat, a rickety boat at the top of the waves, with waves of yearning, to stop for you and move forward for you..     You are the dream that I have dreamed for a thousand years before I met, the dream that I waited for a thousand years before I came.! Do you know that I looked at your face in my dream with a silly smile and a silly smile … finally in your world, my heaven, I saw the stars crying, the glistening tears turning into happy meteors, passing briefly but magnificently, leaving rows of marks of missing..     Miss your sleepless night, a person gawking at the ceiling in the dark, and the scenes you walk through are clearly visible, as if everything was happening right in front of your eyes.. What I miss is your lovely smiling face, your tender eyes, your smiling lips, and your happy nose … Do you know that last night’s rain was pouring heavily, and I dare not expect it to be the tears God shed for us, but I hope it is a happy raindrop, dropping by dropping in our hearts. Looking down on the ups and downs of this world together, I am more convinced that after the ups and downs, it will be a brilliant rainbow and sunny day..     Since I was separated from you, I couldn’t help thinking, thinking like this silky and gentle silk, wrapping me layer by layer. I couldn’t breathe, but I still tried to tell you that I wanted to miss you very much and wanted to miss you very much.. Just ask this passing cloud to bring my thoughts to you! Let it tell you that there has always been a boy in this world who loves you and looks forward to you. No matter how the world becomes, as long as there is you, it will be heaven.     So . ah, the fallen flowers and the yellow flowers are cool all over the ground, and a curtain of deep and remote dreams lasts forever.     Midnight sleepless feeling not ended, sunny always be no sunny injury.     After the beautiful woman returned home, she told acacia about her beauty in a thousand miles..     The world is colorful with you and me. Without you, the night is boundless.

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