Happiness is a state of mind

In a student’s reading and writing regulations book, I saw such a fairy tale: Fox went to Forest Driving School to learn to drive. He thought too well. I’m going to learn a skill..     Learning to drive is very hard. It’s not bright. The little monkey will be on his way to the driving school. Stars are still hanging in the sky. The little fox thought, ” Great, I can count the stars.”! So he happily counted the stars and soon arrived at the driving school.   At noon, the sun made the fox sweat. He thought, ” Great.”! How much does Father Sun like me! ‘ In the evening, the moon came out and the fox went home. As he walked along the road, he thought about the traffic rules. He thought, ” Great.”! I am so happy to have the moon with me! Red Fox is very tired every day, but when he wants to give up, he said to himself, ” Great, I have made great progress. As long as I stick to it, I will surely succeed.”! After studying hard, the little monkey finally passed all the examinations.     Seeing this story, I can’t help but have a lot of feelings. In fact, in our life, aren’t things as bitter and tired as foxes happening?? However, many of us will complain or lament the unfairness of our fate in the face of some hardships and tiredness, as well as the pressure in our lives, and often complain or grumble. Even if we finish some things, we will not finish them in a good mood..     If you think about it carefully, the fox’s practice in this story is really worth learning. instead of complaining about his hard work of learning to drive, he treats it optimistically. whenever he encounters difficulties, the fox takes pains and tiredness as a happy thing to do and constantly adjusts his mood so that he will always be optimistic and upward. if he thinks about doing things like this, he will be much happier and enjoy himself without any negative emotions, so it is called ” having fun in pains”, is it not a happy life for such a person??     Meng Ziyun: Heaven has a great responsibility to the Sri Lankan people, but we must first suffer their hearts and minds, work their bones and muscles, starve their skin, empty their bodies, suffer hardships and setbacks when they are born, and not enjoy their success. Some hardships and fatigue are what we must do without some frost and bitterness. Why does wintersweet vomit fragrance?? Only the fruits obtained through hard work are the most worth cherishing. Failure is the mother of success. How can there be a rainbow without going through wind and rain? No one will succeed casually. We should learn to enjoy the process of success.. Rather than crying and doing things, we should be happy and do things. Two different attitudes to life will bring different feelings. Then why should we not do it?? Turning stress into motivation will be a happy way of life, and life will smile at you if you face the hardships and tiredness of life calmly and calmly..     British writer Thackeray said: ” Life is a mirror, you laugh, it also smiles; You cry, so does it. ‘ If you can’t change things, change your attitude towards this matter. When the attitude changes, things change, good luck will come quietly, and the mood will naturally be happy.. Everyone will spend his life laughing and crying from the first sound of crying.. There is no permanent pain, there is a way to get to the front of the mountain. When pain and suffering come, we must face it firmly and try to reduce the pain to the minimum.. To learn to say no and no to life and bravely overcome it, all the pain is nothing more than a cloud of past smoke, walking past is a sunny day, a temporary haze will not cover the whole sky, there will be a rainbow after the storm, as long as the faith does not fail, and as long as hope is still there, life will have bright sunshine.! We should learn to face everything calmly and treat the hardship and tiredness of life as a kind of life to our answers. We should try our best to finish it without complaining. If we have to finish these answers, why not finish them with a happy mind??     In life, there are many people who live in their own vision and thinking every day, suffering, unable to extricate themselves and unhappy every day.. In fact, life is not without happiness, but we enjoy it but don’t know how to enjoy it. In fact, happiness often comes quietly at random. We should learn to be satisfied and satisfied, not to compare with others, and try our best to find happiness and happiness from plain life. In fact, it is really simple and ordinary.. It depends on whether you have the heart to experience and feel it.     Philosophers once said, ” When people come to this world, they should not only enjoy the happiness and happiness brought by life, but also bear all kinds of hardships and sufferings of life.”. Whether it is happiness, happiness, pain or suffering, life will always be a state of mind. With this state of mind, people will take the initiative to adjust and adjust their attitude towards life so as to truly feel the existence of life and the pulsation of life.!     Life is not without beauty, but without discovery: life is not without happiness, but without search. Those who do not know their happiness are the most unfortunate. A lot of people are unhappy because they only see what others have and can’t see what they have. In fact, everyone has a lot of things that may be different, but we all have them, but you just don’t realize them.. Maybe you have what others don’t have, so the most important thing for us is to experience and feel with your heart.     Happiness is just a state of mind. So, this state of mind is simple and simple. As long as we feel it with our heart, we will find happiness in life. A smile, a greeting, a comfort, a help,,, will bring us happiness.. Only by loving life, cherishing life and facing life with gratitude and tolerance can the short life be meaningful! Life is a kind of mentality, and how to adjust this mentality is itself an art, a kind of wisdom, but also a manifestation of the sublimation of life comprehension..     Happy people are the most beautiful and attractive! Only happy people can bring happiness to others, so tell yourself: From now on, laugh at life and say to yourself at the end of each day: Am I happy today?

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