How can life go with the tide

As time went by, Ran Ran, apart from being innocent and happy because he was young in the age of ignorance, gradually lost some of the fun of life because he knew that he grew up, learned to observe the color of words, learn to be arty, learn to act according to the occasion, and thus also learned to be tactful and accident – prone. As a result, in life, he began to lose himself and drift with the current, saying some things against his will and doing some things against his will for the sake of face, selfish desires and for some ulterior purposes..     In order to be a good boy in the eyes of his mother, he often represses his inner desire, as well as the longing of his childhood out of the window, doing what his parents like, and becoming a good boy in the eyes of his parents. In fact, everyone knows that a good boy is not necessarily smarter than a naughty boy and his achievements are not necessarily great. However, in order to win the affirmation and praise of his parents, he can only disobey his will. In schools, in order to become outstanding students in the eyes of teachers, they often lose themselves. Although all people know the importance of quality education, such a national situation can only lead to a gradual flow of all children under the general environment of exam-oriented education. When I grew up, I became sophisticated and tactful. I told my friends that I did not even feel real praise for my leadership and flattery. In fact, I knew better than anyone in my heart that those words were what I really wanted to do and what I really wanted to say..     A few days ago, I read a report that Guangzhou municipal party Committee secretary and mayor took part in the annual dragon boat race, winning the championship for three consecutive years. after listening to it, I believe the pupils all knew that it was not because of the high level of leadership and strong ability, but because of the leader who dared to go beyond it. if the governor also came, I believe everyone knew that the champion must be the governor, because everyone knew that the man who knew the times was Junjie. under such circumstances, everyone went with the flow of the times..     I like to play basketball since I was a student, but now because I live in school and the school’s plastic stadium is really good, I have to play basketball for two hours every afternoon. It is also a coincidence that although the school principal is nearly fifty, he also likes basketball very much. In addition, several teachers and football friends have to compete with each other every afternoon. As a result, the principal always brings the pair who wins. After careful analysis of the reasons, it is found that, first, the principal does not dare to defend the ball, and if he walks around to kill the basket, he can easily play basketball. Second, if he has defense, the principal can foul, but he can.. As a result, everyone knows, accompany leaders to practice football, happy, why not? Alas, small basketball games are so disturbing that it is conceivable that teachers in the unit will compliment their leaders..     This is the case in the workplace, especially in the officialdom. Everyone lives carefully, punching in front of subordinates and installing grandsons in front of leaders. Therefore, we can only go with the flow if we want to sing songs on what mountain and watch the guests serve the dishes. Du Fu’s lamentation of’ oh, how can I gravely bow and scrape to men of high rank and men of high office, who never will suffer being shown an honest-hearted face’ is full of helplessness..     Lu Xun said, ” hide in a small building and unify it in winter and summer in the spring and autumn”. even so, he could not really avoid the dark age. when I was young, I wanted to change the world, but I found that I was wrong, and later I wanted to change my country, and I found that I was wrong too. then I realized that I only changed myself, but if I changed myself, I might change the whole world and change the whole country. so, I didn’t want to go with the tide, and we learned to change ourselves, but I didn’t come here to let the mountain pass..

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