In my next life, I will still be a woman!

The meal was served, and the dinner table was buzzing with laughter. The father gave his daughter a sweet and sour spareribs. The woman said, ” It’s really eccentric.”! Why didn’t I?! Mom, you can’t eat meat, otherwise you will grow fat! ‘ the little girl femininity laughed..   ‘ yes! If you’re fat, you’re not beautiful! ‘ The man said solemnly and gave the little girl a wink..   The little girl smiled, the man laughed, and the woman also laughed. The little girl smiled innocently and triumphantly. The man laughed heartily and was cheerful and generous. The woman also smiled, with a somewhat neglected loneliness, a somewhat jealous helplessness towards her daughter, a vague memory of her childhood and a yearning for her father’s love that is hard to understand.!   When I was a child, I was often hung on my shoulder by my father, and I was very conspicuous.! When I was a child, I was also beaten up by my father.! When he went, he did not know how to lose! I grew up, and my memory became a fuzzy film, breaking time sequence, appearing time by time, and forgetting time by time.!   Why can’t you feel the warmth of the sun when you are a small flower? Why didn’t you carefully study your father’s eyes when you were a daughter?! Looking back and thinking carefully, which father didn’t love his daughter so much? Which daughter carefully pondered his father’s kindness?   The small wild flowers that were once naive will one day blossom quietly! She thrived in her father’s eyes! And fragrant in the eyes of lovers! In the daughter’s side is so bleak! The change of roles brings different feelings. The woman carefully tasted, chewed, and then slowly digested it. The neglected loneliness, the jealousy and helplessness towards her daughter have all gone away with the wind, but have left the little girl’s instant gratification when she was bright.!   After dinner, the little girl watched TV alone at home, and the man asked the woman to take a walk together. Not under the moon before the flowers, but attracted by the moonlight. There are no sweet words, but laughter is flowing between words. The silent footsteps beat the same rhythm, but the shadow side by side does not regard me as you. The fine bamboos beside the road rustled like whispers. The dim streetlights cannot penetrate through the dense crevices of thin bamboo.   On one side is the bustling neon, on the other side is quiet and quiet! At the beginning of love, lotus blossoms quietly! Love of Yu He slowly shake lean on! Women are pleased, not light and easy to say, not to seal love up, but to awaken lotus in another way, light and shallow!   Late in the night, the man carefully checked his daughter’s bedding and tucked it up for fear that the baby would catch cold. After that, he turned off the lights and blew wax, locked the north wind out of the window and left the warmth in the nest.!   Night! Quiet night! The woman closed her eyes and thought about what would happen if she had the next life?   ‘ If there is a next life, I will still be a woman and deeply appreciate my father’s love for flowers! If I have the next life, I will still be a woman and feel the fragrance of flowers lightly.! ”

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