Female long-term use of computers, beware sagging breasts

Breast, not just on behalf of women's physical beauty, for women, breast conservation is the most important issue of how。 Long-term take office, in particular, women have to deal with computers and often may not know his desk, lean on the front of the computer, to remain firm breast is very unfavorable。
What are the dangers of female long-term use of computers will do breast?Often working at his desk, women use computers, the most common of them is lean posture at the desk, computer, Hanxiong long time to maintain a posture, so that not only looks beautiful, but also a long time, not only affect the breast upright degrees, the breast will feel pain, tingling, etc.。 In particular, some of the women working at his desk, because the breast often squeezed edge of the table, the situation may be more serious。 Because the fulcrum sideways against or lying on the table, just at the breasts squeezed。 Some studies show that if the breast squeezed by the hard edge of the table for nearly an hour and a half, it can interfere with normal metabolism inside the breast, a long time will naturally result in adverse consequences。
Female office desk or if you want to use a computer, correct posture should be the basic upper body straight, chest 10 cm away from the edge of the table, which is very good for physiological activity relieve chest fatigue, breast protection。 In his spare time, one should always Events limb, as do deep breathing, chest movement, walk away, wrist and other activities。
These methods are not only medicinal properties, but also effectively pulling the skin around the breast and participate in sports, especially the breasts to prevent breast tissue deformation aging。 In addition, you can also take into account the bathroom etc. do ten minutes of breast massage。 In addition, the Office of the women to protect the breast, usually sports also intends to exercise the chest muscles, such as aerobics, running, push-ups, etc. can promote bodybuilding chest muscles。 Massage before going to sleep at night is also very important, is to have clockwise, counterclockwise rotating massage around the breast until the breast skin reddish fever, the most Hou Tila nipple several times。 Finally, we need to eat at issue, such as eating beans, eggs, milk and other protein-rich foods, especially to zinc supplementation。

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