A bloom to life

Flowers along the way to a life of trials and hardships, understand, the impermanence of life, to understand, gains and losses revel.Lianwai rain gurgling, just after the beginning of autumn, I do not know why, this summer seems to end early, and ran like it gallops off, leaving him only a little bit of warmth.I leaned on the balcony wicker chair, his thoughts in the tumult of the rain shuttle.Always felt that life is still alive, indifferent is a most beautiful scenery, and perhaps, in a different life experience to create each person’s character is also very different.Along the way, I am with wind and rain peers, understand, the impermanence of life, to understand, gains and losses revel.Lightly floral indifferent line, through the Red years, to see the best of human flourishing, but the most beautiful lightly.Indifferent woman, is a calm, gentle temperament linger, wind Danyun clear, will not fuss!Suiyueruge, poetic life, dull quiet, indifferent in the kind of aesthetic appreciation, not wanted there are ups and downs of sensation, craving only lingering warm water with fine time.Spare time with books as partners, a person, a book, despite living at the madding crowd, still able to uphold an indifferent guarding a peaceful.In the quiet time in the United States, like to use pen and ink record life bit by bit, and like to use words to interpret perception of life, though simple words, but every word is a kind of understanding of life.Tipsy afternoon, alone, is situated in the Red corner, listening to the sound of raindrops, that lingering ticking, like a lover’s ear does language.Tick, tock, tick, tock?Wonderful note sediment of a rainbow dream.Indifferent is a state of mind, is a kind of calm after the insights on life, perhaps because of the different circumstances of each person, so as to see the happiness and joy purposed, the perspective is different.In fact, happiness is a climbing process, and each step is weatherproof cast.Along the way, experienced a lot of painful past, life to death broke our hearts, overwhelmed by the pressure of life, intrigue human well-being, experienced hardships, tasted God that the fate of Bei Bei given in the bitter failure.Eat, adversity, square man Exalted, experience will make people grow and understand, time is a kind of reincarnation, life is an experience, and we always slowly growing in life experiences, learned to be strong, learn to cherish always having gone through many, in order to better interpret the life of a successful and wonderful.It is light years to posture total cycle in the Red.It is gentle and graceful with the faces and voices out of our passionate thoughts, creating scenes of heart.At the same time it took brutal cold, plundered our shallots, isolated a bone into the heart of a human.Life is like a small boat, bumps on the Red tide, rugged travel, driving wavering shadow.Teenage life is half and half, a different view of life is intertwined with moving.Yo dust, a heart-warming of surplus arms, bearing in mind the perception of years.Time of quiet beauty, gentle years, a twist of Susan indifferent to the lives of a bloom, fragrance, although not long, but we can certainly take a ride a ride US.Text / accidental

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