After the New Year, and few such people together, no matter who you are.

Before reading this article, you first click on the blue font “zero idea” and then click on the “concern”, so that you can continue to receive a free article.Every day Share.Totally free subscription, please rest assured concern.Less and makes you angry people together, because that will not bring you happiness; and eye-less and more people together, because your good play but he; less and do not understand the value your people together, because that human worth; and less perfunctory you people together, because you really can not get from him; few people together and pack of lies, because you always live in his deception.Want to live and be happy in it please stay away from such people.Grateful people do not understand is also terrible than the wolf!People do not honor their parents, and even abuse, beatings parents, this is the first, not as good as animals: the first person – please stay away from these people!(Filial type) second person: When opening borrowed money from friends, wait for them to kneel down, shoot Paixiong preserved, thanked and promised to pay back the money on time, time to pay back the money, Bierbuxian, for various reasons to shirk, even off escape, not yet Repudiation.(Rogue-type) A third person: when you help him happy, counter-face when you do not help him, a little bit of interest related to the bad guy who flew.(Non-German-type) A fourth person: do not know how to respect others, self-centered person.In recent years speculation, to get some money, I’ve met several government cadres, thinks people do not like myself, used to delight in the suffering of others who, for their own interests harm the interests of everyone upset, you have every day good looking!In the face of the weak show off their achievements.(Pest type) fifth person: 10 things you do to him a 9, there is one as good as he intended, on the turn, and get along with others, never remember his good, just remember his unhappy place, a friend gave him too busy to help, as he had overhead, never gratitude that white pick should.(White Wolf type) handed over several people, your life is basically destroyed half the.Life, be sure to pay four friends – your friends will appreciate: encourage you when you’re down and out, help you.Friends have positive energy: to accompany you in your sad when you open solution.Lead the way for your friend: selfless willingness to lead you, through a muddy, fog.I will criticize your friend: always remind you, supervise you, you do not want to go stumbling way of life.Feel good, make a point below the Like

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