Acacia with your travel companion

Acacia travel with you with the airport waving, traveled all net interest waved goodbye, previously isolated only in the past, my touch of nostalgia and Acacia Zhuo Zhuo growth expectations in the net, not after you become all is loneliness of empty promises, empty promises is waiting in the wet, it would be romantic dream / after boarding process, set foot on the gangway Acacia affect you Looking back, it has covered desolate from injury got into the plane window full of melancholy, again worry stained window you face a day memo, pale eyes of your solitary condensate flow messy thinking, suffused with the volatile heart ripple scenes before another scene, you turned heart connection / aircraft, track routes paddled away draw, or hide your confused mind read pulling each other, swaying airflow shaking fuselage in flight in the sky, a tick a time of despair, prance step-touch with the feeling of tears, drop into the sea of clouds outside of the machine you with my heart Acacia book of word lines, Zhen uploaded your heart away / evening, the setting sun spilled dyed a bright red as if you were floating west of shame halo, you love Pirates of the astringent throbbing in my Acacia, constantly robbed The hope love toward your machine to sleep waves gradually closed mind, your heart flock to the shore waves, collide with your chest full of longing Church / point of the hour, pointing to where the airport landing lights, flashing you yearn for a touch of the new flow-hui, cluster playing the greeting to you just say, where the night is not yet fully broadcast remover airport transfer stood gentle sound strange city, leisurely walk into your Xin Chuang / night enveloped the airport, only a bit left out of the hall wall outlet window, burnished light to pour waiting your arrival neat landmark, guiding you to rush route sporadic taxi around the airport waiting a spin strands of the night wind, was blown deserted solitary love for your local friends to get together, have become separated in their own direction / wheel roll wiping the road, playing upon a foreign country-style city, still streamer dim night in sleeping off the lake city , according to the street, looking up at the surrounding scenery one pair of geese love, betrayal and one after the other, loving interpretation of tacit lot of dreams, still warm village party tour / through the window, only different style in the lake night Road construction by flash The building, a fan shut the door to the only house left behind were informed of the respective call quiet neighborhood, hidden bustling scene lonely wilderness no smoke during the day, quietly waiting in the silence of graffiti in black, the new dawn, a new noise / to, do not, immediately rising from a tangle all goes well, your peace audio, soothe my heart but I clench with Acacia with you, I still want to diffuse the situation between you and , bold my voice, shouted on the air to you I love you, I always wait for you, in the picturesque south

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