A box is made of bamboo, some cut down bamboo, polished, carved, exquisitely carved putting too cute, top glazing an event, this is your collection of.After work, or eating dinner, or to go to bed, put this box on your hands, you hold your breath, staring intently, a high degree of myopia, so you have to have to stick so close box, as well as the nose and mouth of hot air a layer of glass beads on Hachu.Inside the box is a cricket, long legs, thin tentacles, but much smaller than the crickets, small to five, ten, covered with golden, like a vibrant gold gravel.So, you do not consciously tune to hum to Pingtan, this vast and lonely in the Gobi Desert, the flow of air without any hindrance, Pingtan tune on gossamer general, clank Piaoyuan.  Well, you are a rough people, that forehead, that nose, that sub-square chin, people imagine this not grow, is cut out with an ax, in addition to two glasses of the film, you’ve got a flash bright objects do?Hair is always a mess, beard are scissors hinges were seven long eight short, you should be a role outside the Xinghai put, this stuff actually happens to play?!  You said it was yellow lacewing, it is that you brought from home.  This is what people do not understand!Your home in Suzhou, Suzhou, is what kind of a wonderful place ah, you were born there, grow up to the age of nineteen, after graduating from college came to northwest.Northwest barren basalt hill, only straight smoke in the desert long, you learn geology, geological huge bag made of canvas on his shoulders, you have to run around for twenty years.Two decades of tents in the sand hill Sand Sea where, like a boat, coldest curved shining, the bell Hanshan Temple in Suzhou outside the city, it is able to midnight to the passenger?Wife, beautiful children who Ruhuasiyu, in looking at you, Acacia net sprinkled face, she was away fishing with a love heart.You go back once a year, each time in front of a clump planting Neosinocalamus, however, you went, and left her a bunch of a bunch of bamboo word.Children six years old, and his memory, you’re just a person on the picture plane, he called Dad, you can not you plant yourself in the Chuk Yuen, Yuen your reproductive actually the endless yellow lacewing, they chirping, crickets, it is your nerves, your spirit, your homesickness accent.So, she caught one, packed in this compact box, when you go back again, it gave you?  You hug your wife, kiss your son, begged them to forgive you, but you still go again, you say: the motherland needs gold, northwest of the desert is gold, and other ten gold find, I came back!  A box made of bamboo, a box filled with yellow lacewings, and you will be starting from Suzhou, The Cloud and months, you live together in the northwest.  You may not know the cold buying new clothes, hot cut clothes do not know, but you have to remind myself plainly: yellow lacewing of survival is to have a certain temperature.Winter, people sitting under the rig to rest, all lit cigarette smoke, you do not smoke, it is pulled from the arms of view yellow lacewing.This yellow lacewing boxes you do not install in personal shirt pocket, you worry about the temperature will be hot bad it is, you refused installed outside coat pocket, fear of freezing cold, you spend three hours, being outperformed humble and feet in large coat inside a small pocket sewn stitches.At night, a solitary accompanied you, you painted drawings, identification of the ore, you often forget to eat, when sent cook dinner, you always puzzled and said: I did not eat it?But you forget to feed yellow lacewing, which eat only apples, a time cutting of larger beans on the inside, which Apple is as important as your instruments, books, you are specifically intended to make people buy from Strip.  Now, Top Star has a ramp, the Milky Way is calm, you have to lie in it, you will want to lightly yellow lacewing boxes placed under the pillow, not under the pillow, the pillow you afraid of the weight of the pressure it.Put to bed, afraid it hot hot bed.You cover with a towel and put your neck under.This is your most pleasant time, silence, you hear the sound of crickets yellow lacewing, it is the most weak voice, but also the most crisp music, is the stone of the ring, is the rhythm of the rhyme.So you would enter a dream.  Ah, you are dreaming of your wife do?Dream of your son?In such a deep night, moonlight spilled quiet, the wind did not play, the dog did not bite, your wife is standing lantern Yuen edge of your son, he crept into the Chuk Yuen, dew slip on bamboo leaves down and landed on his head, his body dressed in white clothes, like a ghost, walked into the bamboo.Now, numerous black spots spattered his body, he shouted happily, your wife came with a glass son of a black spot on the cover of TV drama in white, black spots will be playing in, a Huang lacewing will only catch in the hands of his son carrying a jar of soil in the.  They catch all sorts of yellow lacewing, mother earth canopic jars around, heard the TV drama cricket songs of life.  His wife said: This is Utako sing your father, which TUNE beckoning your dad.  So, in your neck, under your eardrum, the sound of crickets called louder, clearer, and you hear the call of this love, this family call.  The next morning, you get up, take up huge geological bag made of canvas, you went to see the gold.You vaguely remember a night dream, saying: Yes, I want to go back, to go back to work I have to step up!

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