(A) alone on the pavilion trickle water stream, a touch of the setting sun off the solitude.    Drum Shaohua night approaching, a month hooking trees.    Cinnabar red armbands leaning screen window, moonlight night long shadow window.    Solitary blue shadow with Acacia, Candle tears v. Zhongchang.    For the first full moon slightest emotion, tears Lian Lian bow Luoshuang.    Exuberant fine hand on the strings, then curl sounds affair.    A Fine ages sing, ordinary deep Zen My Heart.    A limp walk from Seduction, a solution of pessimism sad situation of Shame.    Tim Xinchou flower leaves tumble, add a cup of tea melancholy.    A futon sit Yan ink pen Zhijian pass guided thinking.    Kite driving fog awarded since, Trinidad ink with good news.    Bells rang every day, thousands of miles Yeti night birds.    Ju Xuan mirror previous worthy thin, black hair cream coming Tim Beth.    Yan tears every night trekking poetry, only for who knows whether Sijun?    (B) lying to listen to the rain leaning Xuan window, Yudabajiao long night.    Guying with sleepless nights, was silent a man known.    Rain sword unhappy solution, tearful deceive rushing Rain.    Qingsi a sword said, thinking more rain to send love War.    Yu Zhi Sheng Xiao language whisper, whisper Iraqis do not know the situation.    A Fine a Shaw play, a poem Fabulous Baker.    Hosta a crescent Yan, Yu Hong consumption loss Jun pity pity.    Jiejiuxiaochou more melancholy, people are more haggard than yellow.    Phi armored cavalry battle, newspaper brass Taiwan Yong Kills.    Xiao heroic war never fear, the poor are most afraid of the Red quan.    Acacia red beans pass thrown empty, pathetic red beans total mess worry.    Acacia string end is shallow, poor man child heart regret.    Letterhead miles heralds of glad tidings, only to Iraq but also the king of the wind.    Jun pray in frontier Ian, were to be returned Sheng Xiao Jun.

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