The first time I saw you was in my house in a field of melons.  You just washed head, thick black hair flowing in the back of the head!  You young, beautiful, beautiful, I really appreciate your.  Soon, you suddenly disappeared in my line of sight!    Second time to see you in the car to go Pengcheng, I was surprised, actually, and you are a man nestling together, why so close?  Valentine?Are lovers?I casually suspicion.    Third time to see you, I go home to visit relatives in the days.  That we were in a village, but I do not understand your.  You rush from and hurried away, we meet, just a look, a smile, you’re like a rose, I can well appreciate your!    Absolutely can not think, we encounter unexpected in the capital, that our units are neighbors, your chance to see from dense.  I have something to ask you, you promised; that you let me help, I would be happy.  Occasionally encounter a walk, accompanied by the line, talking and laughing, it is a happy thing.  From the conversation I have a better understanding for you, from our contacts in a more intimate relationship.  You see, that you want; to see you, joy.  Whenever I think of you with my heart full of sweet.

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