Acacia, fascinated by love (poems)

Miss (a) I’m passionate net thrown into the lake of your youth is your pure smile crashed through my mind from thoughts of cable covered day and night in fill up most red apples (b) you select one of the hottest and most red apple peel whittled long chain lock your delicate hands brought a short stalk innocent of this fear of dirty milky I did not dare to promise, breathing quietly enjoy this poetic silence you smiled at me sweetly eat apples bite into a shallow boat ride out your heart river albums (c) you came into my sight sky storage warehouse in my memory my lonely day I look at you out of your pure smile I look forward to measuring hearts the distance I put you in front of a landscape coming up every season are decorated so beautiful years of my journey to your soulful eyes staring summer (four) summer you flowing hair when you load luggage leisure moved by the wind as the river flows Dragon flushed cheeks black grapes Buddha’s eyes light my soul far Qinglongshan bud near the lush plants sky clouds are no longer approached you feel the most beautiful scenery in summer day in the sun cast tenderness Love for July 1996

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