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July 14 is the date today is the fourth day of the countryside.Today we experienced a different journey, we research group and several classmates newsgroups and advocacy group together to go mountain Platistoma environmental aspects of the research-finding mission. We set off early in the morning early, we started full of energy, we will be interested to look at the surroundings.On the way, we also found some, this is in some places will gather quite a lot of rubbish, but mostly garbage, perhaps this is the primary location of garbage they throw it.In Platistoma the way to the mountain, we have to go through duck Estate.On the way, we met the mayor, the mayor is very nice and approachable.He looks the same as local farmers rely on pigs, planting like to live.He answered many of our questions.He said that every village has a garbage tank (that is, before we see), sanitation workers will come to the garbage away, into a central processing station.It is said that in the future the project will engage a new farm-themed bar.On environmental protection, the village head is when it comes to engage in cesspools, engage in green park project.The new rural reform will be carried out in 2018, so that the villagers together to participate in activities.And the government will carry out his money.But asked where penetration garbage classification, it seems that in this place is not much awareness.This is probably the interview with the mayor of words.Platistoma to the mountain, in the village where we ask them with environmental issues, content with the mayor who almost, but the director said here Bijialing is a major investment project, is attacking it causing forest park attractions.Said the investment budget for the year 200?3 million, mainly to environmental protection and greening.Another point is that rural Agri-Expo Garden, the mountain is a tourist attraction Tsui bar.Secretary came, his aura is enough, to tell us a lot, but he said the village committee and director who speak almost, in addition, say it is poverty alleviation projects.After accessing secretary, we went to visit the manager of Agri-Expo Garden. This is not to say. Overall, although access to a certain number of people, and they talked a lot with us, but I still feel they have to hide the real number of things have to rely on our own to discover some of the details from. Writer / Li Yinglin Masaharu source / South China Normal University, “China Green Sparkle” social practice

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