Accidentally fall in love with you

Three years ago in the summer, Zhou gem out of the door from the house to the river, Jiang Feng behind her, generously said: as long as you like, you can take.Zhou gem stopped feet, slowly turn back, looking at the front of this man, could not help laughing, said: I just want to take you installed in his pocket, can you?Jiang Feng embarrassed smile, rubbing his hands, looking at the toes.His smile was so beautiful, so moving, helping them make life difficult for the passionate man, what kind of scene not seen?Will actually cautious, will actually know what to do.Week gem quickly said: Do not worry, joke.He listened, like a bamboo in the wind, again to life, to restore the kind of free and easy and uninhibited past.After Rose flower the following time, enchanting charm of a woman sitting on a white bench, two slender legs stand together, a pair of beautiful feet, wearing sandals thin silver belt, dyed Zihei Koudan nails, wanton naked eyes looked through the week Tizhexingli gem from hospital.This is not the position of his wife stepped down just weeks gem on the river, there will be young and beautiful girl made no secret peep this location.Zhou gem in the heart sneer, do not be proud too early, a few years, not like me?Showing faint of heart ill, or even understand all laugh.From 25 years old to 28 years old, married for three years, Zhou gem that he loved his own, he bought her a red convertible sports car, bought foreign brands of fashion, gem week thought it was love, not love how could such a generous?To him, Zhou gem no longer go out to work, and men no longer exchanges, willing to wait for him at home, and sometimes he went to the field trip, not a walk twenty-three weeks back, Zhou gem like a dry leaves, fall big house corner, in a daze.Three drinks, tea flavors too, what light, and also the re-set cup for cup, start to re-shuffle.Pick a sunny day, Zhou Wei gem moved to a friend’s dwelling, depressed to keep for a while injured.Wei can not see the past, he said: you might as well get a job, to save every day at home Mende Huang.Zhou gem faint smile, she did not know he could do, three years, Zhou gem seemed only to make tea degradation Zhu Ming, housework, look at fashion magazines, visiting the beauty salon, Jiang Feng is no wonder that other women would fancy.In early September, Zhou gem went to a company to work in that company, she met Yang An, a two years younger than her man, but it is her boss, he looked up and down week gem, a sharp tone: Do not wear later in such a way and ran out to see people, you are a white-collar workers, not play cool girl.Zhou gem face turned a fever, the little man speaks, does not leave the slightest room for giving.God knows, Zhou gem is how to get through the beginning of that period of time, just took over the planning of advertising, no experience, she stayed for a week to write out the program, at a regular meeting not only denied Ann Young, and the presence of many face colleagues, he was mercilessly scolded, reprimanded him with a straight face gem week: What do you ah?Wasted a pile of A4 paper, and nothing but rubbish!Zhou gem distress beyond endurance, what this man yelling in here on their own?Is not it a small department manager?Zhou gem unbearable, angrily grabbed the bag, out of the small meeting rooms, and vowed never again step into this company, this man is not goodbye.Idle all right, Zhou gem to the corner house tea mixed tea time, went a few times, I’ve met the girl performing the tea ceremony.The girl is not in the state, accidentally spilled boiling water on hand for guests, guests ton of bricks.Gem can not see past week, he smiled and take up the words, performing the tea ceremony for girls.She speaking soft words to say: tea emphasis is on mood and mood, gentlemen, so much anger, fear that a departure from the original purpose and intention, so be it, how my cup of tea for a few, vent its anger?Guests noncommittal nod.Previously, she had only to individual performances Jiang Feng tea ceremony, Jiang Feng is not therefore do not know the gem week rose from assistant Mrs location, but it can certainly be people who love tea Jiang Feng.Zhou gem has never been so under a large crowd to show off, not help a bit nervous, palm sweating.From the prepared water, warm cup, prepare cups, tea set, shake the pot, the smell of tea, the first bubble, the tea, pour tea, and cup, smells, serve tea, clean up, to the end, all the way to explain the performance increase, although fill the gap, but the amount is still oozing fine sweat.Kung Fu Tea meticulous trivial, non calm is difficult to understand its benefits, is said enthusiastically, a sudden glimpse of Yang Ann standing in the distance, looked at her and smiled slightly, Zhou immediately Xiecai gem, small voice gradually up.Finish the final steps, put down the tea, go to the edge of the table to sit down Ann Young.Yang Ann smiled and said: You show very good!Zhou Lin Lang said quickly: make fun of the good impression it.Yang Ann Stern said: I say is the truth, not polite and entertainment, advertising and I believe you too will do well.Dare back to the company, continue to do my men?It turned out he was excited to go here themselves, and knowing is attempting to rally, but still looked up and smiled and said: What can not?Monday morning, Zhou gem obediently relying on the whereabouts of Yang package security report, Yang An armful of advertising planning success stories to her, took weeks gem on the table, buried in which only a morning see dizziness, Jiaokubudie.Dig dig heart still planning to write out the liver can not let Yang Ann satisfied with his curse when ferocious, week gem head down, tears slowly fall, like a wronged child.

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