Accidentally Love

(A) when the wind to see the cloud that moment, I made a decision a few years after impact to that.In the eyes of the wind, clouds elegant light, has a noble spirit of the earth does not belong.But what the wind does not want to take practical action to pursue her because the wind was a first career and then get married idealist.Wind think you can quietly look for a while every day is enough cloud.When a roommate chat, hear the wind was also noted that the cloud.Wind immediately realized that he did not declare immediate future is to fratricidal.As a result, wind vowed affection for the cloud.Brothers indicates that a friend’s wife can not play, but only if the wind must have action, otherwise inevitable territory dispute.In this case, the wind sent a postcard to the cloud.Not signed.Of course, no response.The wind is still busy with their own thing, the days are still living quietly.If the snow is not involved, all this would not have the slightest intention of changing at least the wind is such that.And snow is in contact with a small joke from the start.Wind just gently patted the back of the shoulder snow, snow began to cry.Snow roommate very seriously to wind the wind hostel told this serious consequences.Wind is not often joke, the results of this joke, the wind is in any case can not think of.Wind ran explanation, Snow said, just because of the poor their feelings, the wind does not have any responsibility.On that occasion talked a lot of wind and snow, windy and snow since then also became friends.The contact is not much wind and snow, the snow just in a bad mood or have anything you need help, you will find snow wind.The wind always dedicated to help the snow.Still calm day.One day, the snow suddenly a year later to find wind, very depressed look.Snow told the wind, she put her tutor’s house temporarily with her bike lost, hope to explain, accompanied by wind.Snow also told the wind, she wanted to go home a few days, hoping the wind can keep a watch for her.Wind aware of the snow and my heart wanted to say, chose to avoid the wind.Because the wind once knew some words to say, the friend did not have to do.But, after all, that day has arrived.(B) One morning, rush to find snow wind.On the playground, the snow took out a thick letter.Wind do not see that their own things to avoid going to happen after all.After reading slowly, the wind said: I’m sorry smile snow.Like snow, like wind and said to myself, I expected this result.Wind not want to lose such a friend, he said a lot of snow, then enlighten.Snow sister wants to raise the wind, the wind is very happy to agree.This kid sister lost their parents, want to do a due diligence of wind brother.After that, the wind and snow talked about their plans for the future.Pressed by snow, wind snow talked about his feelings for the cloud.Snow persuaded wind action.Snow told the wind, he knew that this fairy tale-like feelings may simply not realistic wind is a very self-knowledge.Snow asked if you fail, I will accept it?Fung thought, that might be the.In the eyes of the wind, the snow is indeed a very nice girl, kind, gentle, intelligent, there is no reason to reject the wind.The day after, the wind and the snow did not have barriers, on the contrary, there is no wind cherish this sister sister, and brother to be as snow camel to take care of their daily lives are not good at taking care of themselves wind.However, the wind know the snow hearts have a knot, she was waiting for an answer.Wind also like to know the answer.So, the wind wrote a letter to the cloud.This letter is not so much a love letter as it is philosophical prose more precisely, in the letter, with the wind very obscure metaphor describing their understanding of themselves and because of the cloud of tragedy and confusion and frustration will soon face, the wind did not give it way out copies feelings, on the contrary, he wants to help his cloud analysis and pointed out the direction.Wind not signed.With the wind Jikan work to the cloud left a riddle: If the cloud really care about the author of the letter, then the answer Jikan his article is the key to the puzzle.If this letter can be seen as a love letter, then it is the world’s most failed love letter.Cloud no response.(C) to the snow birthday.Wind accompanied the snow to go shopping.When talked for a long, long time later, he said the wind, I sent you a birthday present.He said the wind, I accept your feelings.Snow ask, then what cloud?Feng said, not to think about.Snow like a child pulling pleased to hand wind up laughter.Then, the wind and snow, like other lovers, like holding hands, strolling on campus.In the evening, back to the dormitory of the wind was not the slightest joy, tossing in a voice told him, you wrong.The next day at noon, ate lunch snow took the wind.Snow still cheerful like a child.Wind heart there are always two voices in the fight, you say a wrong way, and one said you do not live up to the girl in front of.In the evening, the rain pen pal letters to a year to get to know.Rain insights about what the wind is very willing to share their problems talk to her, and want to hear her advice.A few days ago, when the wind of emotional entanglements facing a loss when the rain had help.In reply, the rain tell his story, and tell the wind, love is love, mixed with charity, gratitude, compassion emotion is not true love.Snow came uneasily.Wind handed the letter to her.Read the letter silently walked away snow.Wind took the roof, in the cold night wind quietly stood for over an hour, the wind returned to the classroom quickly wrote a note to the snow roommate, she transferred to the snow.Wind and turn the campus for a long time, before returning to the dormitory after lights out.The dark, the wind tears.Expression of the invisible wind roommate standing in the corner to take the wind joke.Wind ran out of the dormitory, carrying a full bottle drunk in the street and went all night.Snow did not go to school to see the wind.He said the wind, the rain’s letter was right, your feelings of gratitude Rideau and sympathy, I’m sorry, I hope now to correct this error is not too late.However, this time the break is still a failure.The wind would not hurt to snow and snow stick to break up the wind to make this into a novel prose.When the wind finally pull off the attitude not to say, when the wind is not good because of his refusal to know, finally deeply hurt snow.

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