An accidental inadvertently little things, if disposed of improperly will lead to unexpected blunder!    The whole story is this: For some time, returning to the stadium suddenly the Heat up exercise, number of people involved can be described as rare; a quiet heart seems boiling up, had to “fade basketball,” said one essay told the others also remind ourselves (indeed, nearly three years of never playing basketball), suffered because of the special soil and air, in turn sit still.Since the spring, many times in his spare time playing half-court with old and new teammates, even though time is getting no body ever, once on the field trying to go forward (winner of the “sharp knife hand” reputation), of course, more and more powerless when the continuous fighting physically keep up with times.I remember three days after played two half-court ball, the body is indisposed, knee and waist seems to be more intense reaction.That Friday afternoon to make people feel uncomfortable, finger food left perhaps had been hit in the field, their pain is not strong, did not seriously children.After dinner the next day, a visitor.Laughing exchange prompted an unintentional attention to.Come take the strike, they own anti-inflammatory, a Bondi winding finger, looking forward to a miracle.Night time is often in seconds count, always very long; particularly tough night, lying in bed over and over again like a large pancake flip endless, the kind of pain like pain in the usual sense – not only from the body and also about the melon head.Another long night, there is always the Oriental dawn of time.    Saturday morning came slowly, Sunday has the impression of subversion.Plan things can not be honored no choice but to shelve or cancel.Otherwise innocuous fingers seem to evoke the owner’s favor in the form of alternative; extra value and the owner of the site actually unwittingly quietly fled.Time delays to work on Monday, the road to see the doctor.Fortunately, medical institutions is not far away, a few stops after a face to face talk to a doctor.The doctor is the woman, not very old.When asked staring at his left index finger, demeanor was extremely.She said, your fingers wrapped too tightly, congestion has emerged; it is imperative to remove the wrap on his finger Bondi.After removing the rush windings, the author of meso, really bad circumstances, the cover means vivid congestion, can not help Yaran surprised.Just go to work soon, but unfortunately postpone leave.The end of a busy, but also to the office.Indoor colleagues heard the news, sections forward, greetings, plans and strategies.Enjoy speech about the past, we must not remind effect.Then, leave work early to return to medical institutions, to discuss a prescription doctor.In this case the doctor has shift, for the people.Both the unit and exchange more convenient.The doctor said bluntly, quickly press refers to the cover off, otherwise serious consequences.The author can be a little indecisive there are chances, disinfected several times that it might be changed again.Doctors prescribe, the author card formalities.Thus, the continuous drip 29 thus open head.As long as there are among topical oral administration, but not the slightest finger pain relief, but there is always the risk of worsening.    Later, due to the persuasion and advice Xiaoyilihai doctor’s family, and finally went to a nearby hospital for massive door slightly.Is the film (to exclude osteomyelitis) is prescribing; finish the first floor and then climb on the fifth floor (elevator a little fault) – the go.Finally ready formalities, which is followed by a surgery (this is the first time I do the job, my heart disturbed inevitable).Dr. Wang was responsible for surgery.Speak in advance a pass precautions even possible consequences, before they wrote “unified operation, unexpected understanding” on the certificate eight characters sign on my name.The small Vet surgery, and the author’s heart suddenly pulling up.I think there are numerous associated with surgery.After the anesthetic needle at the bottom of the left index finger on both sides, Ma bursts of cold swelling in the skin, people stare wood slightly trance, breathing becomes rapid up.The doctor first test tool, suddenly creeps.Are special inquiry doctor pain I nodded blankly; the doctor comforted pain who are experiencing this matter will be kept anesthetic before making a change right foot.Did not seem a few seconds, the doctor picked up a knife.This time did not face, tilts his head and wait for the “destiny” to accept the “death” of the challenge arrangement.Forbearance had about ten seconds piercing like pain, blood patch of sparkling fingernails finally taken down.The doctor asked the author also left it right channel trembling throw it to stay doing it, then it falls into a plastic trash can.Surgery when the family will not be admitted, the end of surgery family witnessed some appalling damaged finger.The upper finger geometry is blurred with blood can be described as appalling.The doctor did a few times disinfection treatment to the wound coated with a thick layer of erythromycin ointment, cotton yarn and wrapped with a few laps to get sticky tape wound tight, so after ended.So the network system failure caused the hospital, an intravenous drip regarding the move of the unit.Drips are completely consistent with an agent; continuous intravenous drip without having to re-do the skin test.Worth mentioning, it drips in the unit.    Things did not end.Seeing the coming Ching Ming Festival, planned to go home for some reason can not make the trip regarding the offering pro.Dressing room talked about inner anxiety, the doctor said it would back it.To call home, determined not to let brother back, repeatedly stressed that the consequences of re-infection is terrible, the first doctor to see a doctor bear.Stubborn but had to give up.When dressing drips although it accounted for much, but the operation is particularly troublesome.Not to be at home doing, anxious temper.Even work also appeared to be inadequate, emotional influential.Left hand when needed, most are not effective, truly feel the taste of “physically very weak,” the.Inevitably blind wondering when idle, wondering what other fingers do not know what the price, but the root of the index finger and compared them one by one, the value of the nearly thousand dollars!Doctors familiar quipped afterwards, you look early so that you do what you do have to do a complete Pro, the money is spent sins, alas.I smiled and said, this is not the first break a few lessons you also gain a lot!    Think about the circumstances surrounding the matter, the overall feeling is still a bit bizarre, summed up in the title that is still two words: accidentally.Yes, accidentally!    (year 2011.04.13)

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