Acclimatized love

She followed behind him, like a cute little cat, say goodbye to the elegant, pleasant air Yangtze River Delta, for love, went to the northern city of ice.She once thought about: whether their love will acclimatized?North South Orange Health was orange, trifoliate orange students, and whether the South Fengyun own petite little kumquat had to adapt to the cold north wind and chill?But as long as there is love, everything has been insignificant.  The body just north into the bitter wind, she fell ill, so weak is the kind of pain.He was very, very distressed, keep greetings at the bedside, her fear that strangers feel zoning; but still there is a grievance arises spontaneously, think of the South warm sunshine, feel the pain and itching feet started, she could not help but call him, beat him, blaming him why he did not stay in the South, but why a paper letter book for parents put their love changed the position, and said they are living for themselves, not for his family.  In love tortured nearly four months, she made up my mind, so do not want to maintain any longer, she would like to advance their love relieved.  While she was in a dilemma, he has appeared, and said: parents have promised me, I accompany you back to the south, for you, but also for our love.  She almost burst into tears, together with him to take leave of the old couple, leaving non-stop.  South of air gradually conceal her indifference, her skin began to restore elasticity; he pretended nothing had happened, learn daily in the southern fried food, no drinking, breathing, learned Petty.His ability to adapt actually so strong, she could not help, and he joked: you too for the South.  In fact, she did not know, he is to love them, just encourage adapt itself to life here, how many sleepless nights, thinking of his northern hometown, thinking of grassland, how many times parents dreamed of soaring white hair in.  Two years, they are courteous, he never once raised the idea back to the North.  Once she look at his cell phone text messages, even he found a series of conversations between him and his father, from a year ago has already begun, the content actually is: parents in poor health, I hope he can come back, he agreed with his father the date, two years, as long as it arrived, he waited two old home anyway.Grandchildren to his home the day is not far off.  He thought he had done as a sacrifice, she suddenly feel if he had been too selfish, love is mutual care of a nest, while they enjoy the natural warmth of love, let him suffer alone can not bear the pain.  At night, she unexpectedly said: We are now back to Bard.  You do not fear acclimatized, as well as the North’s cold?  I’ve been exercising a very strong ability to adapt, acclimatized is relative, the mind is absolutely adhere to rely on, I do not believe we bet my life time.She held out her hand with his little finger hook.  He stared, stunned for a long while, arms around her body, tears.  Acclimatized love to do at the end understanding, considerate of irrigation water, applied to adhere to the fat, this is the most suitable for the growth of the soil of love.

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