Accompanied by a friend

People helpless, most likely to think of friends.A friend is one who can help you when you helpless.  A friend is always with you together, and always keeping pace with you, who can give you help, naturally popular person, you are naturally happy people with him.Such people, he became friends.  Friends such as books.As the tide in the Qing Dynasty, “Meng Ying,” Lane said, “Friends of profound as reading different books, such as the Friends of the elegant reading celebrity poetry, Romances on the wish to read sages such as Friends ordered by the mass, such as Friends of the comic reading”.Friends Read this book, we will benefit.  Friends such as column.In the journey of life and sincere friendship is one of the pillars of the spirit, he will be when you’re alone is difficult, and hold up your life is about to dump building.  A true friend does not put friendships hanging in the mouth, they do not claim that what the sake of friendship with each other, but to do what all do it for each other each other.  A true friend is someone who minded forthright, honest, responsive, adventurous.They can endure everything, the courage to sacrifice everything, friends will never change.  A true friend is the greatest advantage of all the benefits, but also the people going to get everything in considering the least.True friends such as wine, Sauvignon easily understood drunk; such as flowers, elegant and fragrant; such as bloom, pure and outgrew.  Boundless, mortal beings, a big crowd, Red rolling, friends can meet each other, to come together, know each other, mutual understanding, mutual approached, it is fate.  Friends get along is a mutual recognition, mutual admiration, mutual appreciation, mutual perception of the process.Each other’s advantages, strengths, highlights, beauty, will be reflected in your mind, panoramic view, even if it is a little bit of valuable friends will be your energy up, you become the driving force and source of a lifetime.  A friend is worried about each other’s thoughts with each other, rely on each other in each other’s concerns.Endless thoughts is like a river, like a gentle breeze of clouds, bursts of fragrance like a flower, like a lingering sound wave of dongxiao.Sometimes a faint memory, a touch of tea, a touch of sympathy.  A friend is one kind of another spiritual sense, is a tacit sentiment.Your gestures, smiles, words and deeds, a friend will take the hint, do not need another explanation, no say, no nonsense, no publicity, will soulmate.  Friend is when you climb a ladder, is a good medicine when you hurt, are you a bowl of white water when hungry, when you are a small boat across the river, that money can not buy, only really able to in exchange for the most valuable one kind of love.  A friend is long life on the road catching each other, Xiang Cheng, accompanied odds.When you send the rain, Xinyu bored or yelling, song and laughter, or sections of affection when lonely, or intoxicated when making stirring happy, proud when well-intentioned bowl of cold water.  Not necessarily a good friend often linked, but do not forget, every time they begin occasionally still feel so warm, so kind, so tender.A best friend is the concern in my heart, hiding the concern in the eyes; a good friend is accompanied come a further period of life, hand in hand to spend the evening one after another; think of the joy when a good friend is added, recalling more timely tender.  With friends, life could demonstrate the value of all.A person live to friends, maintain the integrity of their own lives, free from the erosion of time, but also to a friend.  Life can not be without our friends, no matter what the situation, only by the help of friends, to go on level road.The best things in the world, than there are a few mind and heart are very kind and solemn friends.  A fence three piles, heads are better.A person, no matter how strong his ability, are inseparable friends.  In this world, most people respect honesty, the most prized than true friend, that friend can be said to be another self.  酒逢知己千杯少, 话不投机半句多.A true friend should tell the truth, no matter how sharp those words.  Multi-use tree straight, straight people have many friends.Affectionate friend, a knife cut constantly, keep that in mind alive, dead carved in bone.  Who is your friend, and who you’re not friends, this question is difficult to figure out.I do not know, your feelings could easily be playing; a little more distinct of your life will be of great benefit.  There are many types of friends, sharing weal and woe of Damon and Pythias, nodding acquaintance side of the edge, because Lee and cohesive “brothers” at the turn of like-minded Junzizhijiao, Pink heart have blue color, and so on, no matter what kind of friendship, rare are the sum of wealth, like singing the song as “a thousand miles is hard to find a friend, a friend more than a good one.”.  Smile at you people are not friends, you people are not necessarily opposed not friends.Equal interest may be a friend, a difference of interests is difficult to friends.Equal value may be a friend, a friend is a difference of no value.  Choose a friend, is to choose a way of life, make friends, to ourselves to open up a kinder world, his life is also full of vitality and happiness.  The only way to get friends is to qualify himself a friend.The only way to find someone else to become a friend is a friend.Only the generosity of the people, praise the beautiful people, in order to win friends.  Righteous man many friends, and you laugh with people, you might forget about him, but you cried together and people, but you never forget.  A friend is the need to operate, understanding, tolerance, appreciation, share, comfort, encouragement, best friend is the business capital.You respect my foot, I respect you ten feet, so a friend can contact the increasingly profound, forever.  Maintain a certain distance between friends, in order to make friendships last forever.A friend who asked, who has no friends.Brother may not be friends, but friends often as brothers.We have good friends around who do not know how much happier than the embattled people.  It is not a friend, only if the people you encounter difficulties, misfortune, they can always come forward to help you ride out the storm, is a friend indeed.Between friends must be trouble with mercy, to say it is true friendship.  True friends do not have day and night.Friendship can chain across the space-time, the familiar stranger never met in his life, can be cited as a confidant; thousands of years ago thinking I think of the strange enemy, can be regarded as the same tune.  In the long road of life, no one can separate through life.So, a big crowd, you pursue to life’s most important person that is really a friend.True friend is not only a great friend of the soul, there is more of the earth’s most precious sincere.True friend is walking in the rain with an umbrella, can indulge in reveries some music together, is to accompany you when sad with tears, joy and when you laugh with silly people.  A true friend, and I’m not always the same pace, when the devil to tempt my footsteps, be sure to put your friendship turned into a Scepter, I transferred to guide your direction.  With honey to lure you is not a good friend, good advice is forced to admonish your friends.Love it, love promise, saying one up is easy, and only in times of trouble, in order to see a friend indeed.  Friends to bring consolation, though they would leave the world, but in the good sense to say, their friendship will always be there, because this friendship is immortal.  Often to a vibrant friend go, the only way friends can meet your needs, and only he can break up the emptiness in your heart and irritability.  ”Bosom friend afar brings a distant land near”.A true friend will not be alienated from space, a brother is hanging in the mouth, is a friend of my heart, a greeting, a blessing, a trace of care, worth a thousand words is worth a thousand cups of wine.  Mo with those fair-weather friends, just friends should pay more, pay close friends carefully.Once we find a like-minded friend, you have to open our hearts to contribute sincere love, to win each other’s heart.I would like everyone with a sincere heart, in exchange for a sincere friend.

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