Accompanied by clear film

Qin law struck slender fingers as silk, such as branches is provoking a chord with the sounds of Seduction elegant graceful dance-like bloom of red refined and glamorous fascinated by the world of crystal eyes dressed in clothes noble, elegant and it is my fairy moon lovingly fallen in love with and then let the shine of the stars scattered draped over my shoulder, gorgeous, dazzling beauty Huan pretty refreshing charm like distressed-like love and can not bear to replace it would not be this beauty to deceive the possibility of not noble this colorful gods do not stop leaving only the clothes I gently swirling yarn Yi Mei fluttering ribbons graceful dancing in the wind, I just clear shadow accompanied Can you give me a comfort to my heart gradually ease the panic is no longer horror does not exist just to listen quietly and slowly stretch affection gradually my heart is still  .

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