Accompanied by color through time

First, I often think, some met, is doomed, such as you and me.The vast network of sea, we have chosen to meet, and then accompanied through a time of Cheng Cheng.Hurry time, between the magnificent turn, took Zither Love, it seems that what is left, it seems nothing has left.We are always on the way trek, lamented in a hurry, too hastily.The good news is that we met each other in the text, then the intersection, with the silent language of the heart, warm the cool earth, with a warm friendship’ll stay.  When the vicissitudes through fleeting, the silhouette of the former have become blurred, but often look at the time of writing, there is always an inter-heart with warmth flowing temperature.It turned out that this process landscape, we have been accompanied through, regardless of contact or not, whether to come or not, we leave each other’s text, which have witnessed a friendship, we witnessed outside the time lost in dreams.  I always remember, you are a fine dust of Mo, winter children, as you always remember spring have never done it in March.Bits and pieces, never forgotten; bit by bit, still moist with the original, so I moved still.  In my mind, the most beautiful winter time, which is around Christmas, crystal white snow flying, to put on the holy festival costumes.And in my heart, then you are an angel Christmas Eve, always quiet and gentle, calm and relaxed.  So, often sang “SilentNight”, I would sincerely pray for you.Imagine sinking Mo dust, it is auspicious days, light Man Wu, a wonderful dance and highly life, happiness and peace dance.    Second, looking at the distant sky, they begin equanimity of you, pick up together through the warm, can not help but smile.  Time is always between a hurry, turn a new page.In a flash, but also a year.Usually at this time, I had snow across a distance, you find nowhere; also in the bitter winter night, for you to send a memo bringing a blessing; sighted in the footsteps where your emotional, you feel distant poetry.And this season, I suddenly remembered, it seems that we are busy with their own fireworks life, never met a long time in the text.So, I open your space, your mind wrapped in poetry, and relive your taste.  The original Xujiu Mo, everything remains as before, you still gentle and tranquil, in a country where the text with your dedication and tenacity, never far from the dream of tracing, watch as the Red status quo.As the imagination like you in the time of reflection, of life gracefully painted pure white background, with Emotion perception of life, woven with love life.  I said, you always lower profile, never lose yourself, always understated, not artificial, it is my favorite woman.  Walking on the network, it has been hurt more or less, so I always feel wary, and people can not easily close friends.I was afraid, after bloom again, is hurt, or separation.So I like to keep quiet party sky, silently read and write, and to resist the noisy affair and things.  And you, always quiet and silence, defensible themselves, willing to loneliness, blandly read and write simple yet profound.I like you, demure and not closed, but carved white as winter in general, quiet, simple, and if the snow as light, clean.    Third, I know, do not look back, many have moved engraved in the heart,.  I have always been indifferent woman, all holidays, birthdays or other happy occasion, whether it is their own or someone else’s, I do not care about big.Between online blog, He Man endless, it seems from the non-stop.But I feel deeply rooted the deepest affection, it does not lie on a piece of paper or a thing.How many sweet, how many hypocrites, some in front of the waves and pain, not vulnerable.So for many He Man’s invitation, I just to remain silent.In my heart, I will firmly in mind; not in my heart, I will definitely Cherishing such as gold.  Years still quiet, together with you through the years, in my heart still shining gleaming light.Fate, it has no explanation subtle.No matter how long no contact, people will always be in the heart of the heart, as you.Days belong to you, what need is someone to remind?Part of your day, from the first, had been deeply aware of was I impressed on my mind.  At this time of year, I would sit in front of the screen, tap a few words about you, miss also take us together through the day, remember that still waters run deep like a convention – we will always remember, and you will always by my side, to accompany me to walk longer distances, accompany me to see more beautiful scenery.  This moment, your window, like the snow yet?There may be snow flying, soft and beautiful?I believe that when you read these words of the Qing Qian, will be curved lips, the heart clarity snow, bursting out with beautiful smile, then, you’ll stay with me, in the words of the journey, with Cheng Cheng to see a more profound, more beautiful scenery.    Fourth, no matter how time goes by, my heart has a place and filled you.Because you and I are friends and spiritual.  We are dedicated woman, our hearts are hidden in a very beautiful dream, we like the quiet, like reading, writing we like, we like to look at ourselves in the text, we like to use words to tell the heart portrait of ups and downs, we like Tagore we like Jian Zhen, we like small snow Zen.Perhaps all the friends, all have similar preferences.And I, every time when you write it, we think the same hobbies, the heart will be thrown between feelings of joy.  Remember, in the snow small Zen “tired of breath” in once wrote: “I am willing to serve the text tired of breath.”It was extremely fond of this sentence, because we are all women who love words, we are willing, with hot and sincere heart, we love life serve text.And I know, you and I, are more willing to rejoice in the silence of breath, never tires serve the text, together with the text interpretation feeling inside.  I’ve always liked your attitude, quiet and simple, abundance and profound, that indifferent feelings always wrapped in warmth, wrapped in elegant, wrapped Fragrance.So, I very much like to find that touch of white in the color of your text, because that is part of the background of your life, so elegant, so moving, so tranquil, as if the madding crowd, but very lively, so my heart throb, then linger.Originally, he met in the text of the soul, has a unique charm, as now, I taste the real you, continue your friendship through my silent character through a virtual space.  Perhaps we are not strong grasp color time, but I understand, year after year, each snow day, I’ll be here, palms clasped together, for you to send endless blessings.I know, so you’re delighted to enjoy the beautiful snow crystal, or to the desire of the heart, looking forward to snow?All anyway, Mo a dust, and the beat of the winter, with or without snow against the background, it was all beautiful scenery.  At this moment, I’m trying hard to perceive your temperature.One year wish at this moment, we can meet in the text, and understand the depth of friendship in the text; more willing to work with each new year, we came accompanied by color time, happy counterparts.

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