Accompanied by live fleeting

Smoke my feet very slowly with the soul measure the latitude and longitude lines ups and downs of life tonal poem Man face painted with years of real estate broker refers to the dance at the Red curl bounce Acacia drift who harps strings that are far off children you can sleep dip pen and ink Su Jian matter the situation before the wet hiding deep inside earnest yearning face flushed peach light flickering shadow embrace pregnant spilled all over the ground broken pieces you whisper you say you are inseparable for years I was in love laughing your heart in my fingertips raised seasons Qianpan dark clouds have witnessed each other’s oath Lang Syne printed soulful eyes warm warm words long knock in my heart you say this life hand in hand accompanied by live fleeting I said playing the song End of the World present and listen to sounds over a thousand mountains only make more people tireless soulful eyes tainted with a few lingering three thousand world is passing all rub shoulders etc. countless flashy just to meet you last time Mo Looking back corner that is similar to the past life the trail edge infatuation drunk eyes staring tenderness heart will be in your arms forever stranded profound feelings of love fleeting removed your expectations Juan says Cang Sonneratia Meet waiting every day and night forever Que Que love song interpretation of Then keeping everything warm pot of thoughts Red horizon landscape monopoly end of my life jealously guarding you warm

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