US investment immigration lawyer suspected of fraud 22 Chinese people appeal claims

Los Angeles attorney Chinese。 (United States "newspaper" reporter Wengyu She) BEIJING, Nov. 30, according to news report, 22 people living in China's recent white lawyer to the greater Los Angeles area in Newport Beach, Francisco and its control "PDC capital "Make a claim。
Local time on November 29, Chinese investors Chinese lawyer Wang Jing was held in East Los Angeles press conference to announce the details, said Francisco alleged immigration fraud, these Chinese investors to buy the yacht, but even a temporary green card are Meiban Cheng had。
According to the Commission's documents show that these comply with US immigration "EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program," the project Francisco and PDC claims, including the construction of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, fancy restaurants and packing factories, mainly for Chinese investment person, 4-year cumulative funding of more than $ 72 million。
However, Francisco did not really use funds for investment immigration, while the capital moved from one project to another project, of which more than $ 9.5 million of the money used to run his own investment company to buy a yacht and enjoy life。 Lawyer Wang Jing said: "In addition to the SEC's lawsuit, we will be responsible for the lawyer and another lawyer as a defendant, they have to work together on the behavior of illegal transfer of funds。 Cases the victims are Chinese, they did not get a temporary green card, so they can only entry visa to come。 "Wang Jing lawyer pointed out:" Immigration is about to start publishing in the official website two months ago about the Immigrant Investor Regional Center for the latest, since immigration began to increase the speed of this year closed the regional center of irregularities。
In fact a number of regional centers have been closed for several years, but due to past information is not public, the majority of investors can not know the situation, so the project was shut down immigration authorities decided to publish real-time information through the website。
"We recommend investors if there is interest in a project, then, you can go online and look at this project is not a legal existence。
In addition, investors can find an independent lawyer, to file immigration lawyers for review and analyze legal risks and avoid pitfalls。
So if a problem occurs, investors also know how to recover their own interests。
"Editor: Fei Fan。

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