Accompanied by sweet and bitter

Life is so short, how long it.Said its brief, only a moment in the course of history; say its long, in turn, are connected in numerous Spring.There are good times smooth, there are difficult days ahead, there are dark clouds, there are joys and sorrows.Red orange yellow green is multi-hued life, ups and downs of life is multi-flavored song.    Life is often accompanied by sweet and bitter, joy and pain and students.There is the joy of success, failures of confusion, there’s been pleased with the loss of sadness.    Life is good, happy Ye Hao, Ye Hao, Ye Hao lost, living entirely a state of mind.Million consistent family has not necessarily happy, home is not necessarily melancholy view of walls.Who is also senior positions is not necessarily happy – no body part-time are not necessarily sad.The resulting need not ecstatic, you do not have to lose feeling frustrated.Life is not a real victory, losing is a real get a small loss is too small, the large big loss.In fact, everything is superficial.So you do not have to worry about the outcome and joy and sorrow.    When you reach the top, of the list of small hills; when the clouds drifting in front of you; when you see several strains of tall pine on the cliff; when you have found several strains elegant orchids in the valley when your mood lofty, and your feelings tranquil bar!You get cultivate sentiments, purify your mind, your emotions get it sublimated!    When you’re standing on the beach heads and vast expanse of sea time; when you see the white sails of sailing in the vast surface of the water; when you see only when air and sea gulls flying; when you see the blossoming waves coming to shore when your mood light and spacious and stirring it, deep and open your mind right!The kind of forceful scenes make you shocked; that the horizon of Broad and allows you to admire; the kind of broad-minded to make you happy; that majestic momentum so you two things I forgot.    People have a sub-tolerance, there will be a sub-temperament; people a little more gas, then a little more popular.Low-key man, is a character, a gesture, a grace, a kind of accomplishment a mind, a kind of wisdom, a strategy is the best attitude in life.People around the world to abandon you, you can not give up.People around the world do not believe you, you have to believe in yourself.As long as people can do at ease, centered, encounter setbacks do not despair, is the greatest achievement.Life is not ordained, unfortunately, only the premature aging of despair.Survivor will be able to have faith, there is hope it will continue to move forward.    Human existence is the realm of a person’s outlook on life.Generally speaking, past experience, now is the fact that the future is good, people are always lamenting the past naive, now suffering, the future uncertain, it is a normal state of mind.    Smart people, not too much to stay in yesterday, tomorrow is not too much fantasy, but to grasp now, sigh worth mentioning, recall worth mentioning, worth mentioning imagine, the day always off.Time does not recall because it increases the length of time is not because people dreams and increase its thickness.Time is fair, just as God is fair as.Rich: the poor: men: women are equal before the time of.So, come and gone for the life that he should have a solid view.    For the past, not too many memories.Will bring sad memories, memories will kill the human will.Everyone knows that young people think about the future, the elderly like in the past, like the memories of aging is the performance.If you really want to recall, then it is back in the memories of the lessons and experience.    For the future, not too much imagination, much exaggerated.The future is most people like to hear, but not the most practical of a stimulant.The reason why small youth alive and well, they do not hyperbole future.A strong sense of achievement they think the most sad: one plus one never equals two, or that the experience of yesterday and today’s struggle, there must be a glorious tomorrow.In fact, life has never been the addition and subtraction math.    The most important thing is to grasp today, step by step, advance step by step, a thousand miles begins with one step.Do not despise little things, big from little things, do not hold anything against go slow, go slow is better than no walk.Do not envy others, envy as its own insignificance.Go its own way, do not look around, do not look back, keep going.Do not ask the results, to ask their own efforts, to ask their pay.This talent is likely to become a real cause of Achievers.    Healthy mind is able to balance remained calm state of mind in the good times, and often adverse environment.Healthy mind is the prerequisite and basis for success.People’s emotional doomed man’s ill-fated, but human reason can ease people’s feelings of grief.A man should appreciate the need to learn to grow up in, in letting go.The difference between successful people and losers: the most successful people are always the most positive thinking and optimistic attitude to dominate and control their own life.The loser is just the opposite, their lives are affected by all the past failures and doubts guided dominated.Life is a process, not a happy person happy, it does not matter with wealth, status, power, in essence,.Happiness is determined by ideology, mentality, mind can create heaven, hell can be made.Can not change the environment to adapt to the environment, can not change other people to change their own, can not change things changed attitude towards things, can not compare to compare up down.    Some people like to say that the unfavorable situation caused by someone else, but affect more than just the environment of life.Everything that the starting point of those involved.Treat the same problem with a different idea is widespread at work, in the final analysis is the mentality of the problem.A person’s attitude towards life, basically can determine the future and destiny of life.There is no absolute fairness in the world, the so-called fair to rely on themselves to strive for.    Work not only to bow to pull carts, but also to look up the road.Most people have to rely on their own plans, strategies and hard work to open success in life situation.More importantly, to keep the same like a master of psychological comfort themselves, adjust their own, find the key point of his reason for failure before you can step by step to correct themselves, close to the road to success.Can not adjust the mentality of the people, it is doomed to failure.Change their attitude is not a simple matter, the key is to be confident.Only confident person, the crucial moment to calmly deal with, to make themselves invincible.Its crying too, it is better to live with a smile.    Life is so short, how long it.Said its brief, only a moment in the course of history; say its long, in turn, are connected in numerous Spring.There are good times smooth, there are difficult days ahead, there are dark clouds, there are joys and sorrows.There is the joy of success, failures of confusion, there’s been pleased with the loss of sadness.    Long life, the years passed, let us sprinkle singing all the way, all the way to sow love, a tranquil note, watching the flowers bloom and enjoy Yunjuanyunshu.

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