Accompanied father to attend the Alumni Association

This year’s May Day, and his wife participated in a spectacular homecoming father, and accompanied several old classmates from afar father’s bragging, chatting, engaged in small talk, this fifty-one flies really interesting. In octogenarian father, Anshun Teachers College student, received a phone call before the holiday, said Anshun Teachers of several old classmates coming six to see him, the old man due to health reasons, a few students will not participate in this several times I heard that old classmates to come to six, too excited to sleep well a few days, May day morning, a figure is not high, but hale and hearty old man rang the door of the home of the father, father of the long river of history in efforts to search for information to come in, but in the end come to remember the names come after self-introduction, father remembered the student council who articulate that year, he was eighty-three this year, from county justice Secretary on the job after retirement has always insisted on exercise, eighty-year-old, it looks seventy-something physique very tough, perhaps by talking and character Xu infection, usually not much father also opened the Round Table , about eleven o’clock, five students have come to the old father at home, in their minds, the students had cerebral hemorrhage Liu arrived should be in bed, but the father of the state of rehabilitation to make them feel hard Letter, the father told them their second daughter is a nurse, four daughters have been around to take care, so the body was recovered so well, the kids gave him a few years ago in line to buy the cars electric wheelchair, no matter drove himself out , look at the scenery, chat, play mahjong, life is wonderful, just older, legs and feet have been unwieldy, not really wheelchair unable to move.Several talked about the old school classmate year career, he talked about the simple and austere happiness that half a century ago. Because the father had a nickname playing basketball old bones, the origin of the nickname is the father then lean body, careless collision with the students happen is someone else in pain, old bones, hence the name, unknowingly to the point of the meal, a few an old classmate in a wheelchair surrounded by father and slowly wander the streets clean, and pretty soon, we went to the original Dragon Court restaurant, it is now replaced by the Hunan Hunan restaurant, where the food tastes in general, but a good environment, accompanied father and several of his old school dinner, two bottles of Maotai only opened a bottle, perhaps older, we all know how good health, to the time of San Xi, a bottle of Maotai left a bottle , moved in a few chopsticks table full of dishes, their conversation was never interrupted, father of color much better than the past, when they said thirty-nine classmate year in ten has passed away, and his words could not help some sad, sigh things change, when the youngest students Xiao Wu enraptured talked about his tour in over a dozen countries, Turkey, New Zealand experience, the students are Envy him, retirement flies fast, free men.Father also talked about his daughter-in-law with his own crossbar Fangchenggang thousands of kilometers traveling by car experience during the Spring Festival, the charming scenery and Beilun Qing China number one pillar left a indelible mark.Eighty years of age can go to Sino-Vietnamese border visiting the market, inexpensive high-quality Vietnamese goods brought back a father deeply shopping desires, when father to talk to these students a feeling of happiness, he filled in face, I from his joy, feel the true meaning of happiness. After lunch, the father and his classmates Meet other students at home in six, and continued their unfinished topic, this holiday is really meaningful to me, I give them pleasure, but also won their give me happiness, and hope that their future retirement, but also like them sunny.

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