Accompanied fleeting, and his dependent

Wen: Xiao Jie Mo gorgeous fragrant flowers that day Pina, if fleeting entangles you pull up my walls carved timeless lingering Qiannian ************* month charge that rhyme fragrance clear film you shake swaying Ferdinando waves crashed into the autumn season that my heart derivatives beautiful and romantic love ************* lingering feeling around you and rain fingertips touched my eye wander the end of the affair remain under the endless reveries graceful ************* year snow sky Zuiwu limp walk you hold me listen to the snow warm the hearts of the dusty ice abundance of life’s most fleeting warm ****** ******* if spring is not the time to leave the old want to stand with you laughing all the flowers are blooming every season spend every dull fleeting ghost ************* leave unharmed years if bright summer flowers want to stand with you and listen every game Qing Yin rain accompanied every day life is not diffuse night long abandoned ************* time if you do not want to stand with charming old Autumn savor every leaf dance Pianfei hugged each season flower leaves residual life dependent ************* if fleeting Shame no snow closed city want to stand with you spend each way to ride out the rough muddy every joy and sorrow accompany this life cycle [original article] screen name: shower stream duckweed / pen name: Xiao Jie, drizzly misty rain / personal micro letter: xiaojie19740209 / QQ1291861303 / (intended to be forwarded to other sites or micro-channel platform, your first contact the author, thank you!)

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