Accompany (poems)

“From the” old man over sixty, ah, bid farewell to kneel at her younger brother, crying sound, rivers burst their banks.  ”Come back ah, I’m calling wake of brother!”This rest of his life, only to chew in the chest of grief forbear.    The road ahead ah, how can not sew memories brothers shaking hands in the endless darkness.  When there is a naughty child you probably go the distance, and the sister will play in a sparkling in the morning.    ”Defend” always have a touch of the front glass window emaciated figure eyes no longer grow spring landscape.  That string of sonorous footsteps echo time really empty in the narrow road in front of the ear.    Long night, solitary looked at her in silence ah flames spewing tears to dry up once.  From Big Chill to the beginning of spring, and then by the Awakening of Insects wet Qingming no one told her that children have short and lean into the tomb.    ”Other” or that way I do not know how many came back country lanes cold glass strands of white hair burns.  He said that an “every festival pro” yo way, your thoughts are not forgotten return.    Eyes a few ruts were deep snow wrecked a little New Year’s bell has rang the night sky.  And then wait and wait it thousands of miles of road ah, how could so quickly turn uphill and crosses.    ”Back to” he, weight loss, like the desk that contained eighty precarious pickle dish, and finally boil alone in the memory.  Time away youthful era, also made off like a paper-thin flesh and blood family.    ”Busy” is the excuse has always been said thousands of times without thinking, I do not know but also told him a few were.  Let’s go!Just today exiled fame cling blood rotation, the oldest man swig brilliant smile

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