Spain will promote a wide range Alipay to facilitate Chinese tourist spending

June 30, according to Spain, Europe Sina reported recently, BBVA Bank of Spain and China's largest e-commerce platform Alibaba reached an agreement, Alipay will promote a wide range of services in the territory of Spain, in order to facilitate the consumption of Chinese tourists during the West。
This year is expected to have at least 500,000 visitors from Asia to Spain sightseeing, while spending among which produced up to 1 billion euros。
For Chinese people now rely on mobile phones has been fully paid, the Spanish also take this into account, ready to complete the introduction of Alipay service, BBVA took the lead and Alibaba reached a cooperation agreement。 Data for: the user is using Alipay mobile client。
Official China news agency reporters Zhang Bin and She Zhejia the Bank of Spain said the pay phone scan code has been very popular in China, the Chinese people now do not need to go out wallet, as long as there is a smart phone will be able to achieve all of consumer behavior。 Therefore, Spain will soon have to develop this business, not only conducive to Chinese tourists shopping and spending, while nationals can also try this new consumption patterns。 BBVA Bank is currently open Alipay cooperation with the major function of place to discuss consumption, at the same time being adapted to local conditions to develop cooperation programs to implement the plan as soon as possible。 In addition to Spain, it reported that Alipay in May this year, has reached an agreement with a company to pay the United States, seeks to achieve within the United States can implement mobile payments。 Last year, Alipay had already declared reached a cooperation with Munich Airport, Tokyo Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport and other world's top ten airports。
This ten overseas airports will be opened Alipay function, provide the first mobile payment service for Chinese tourists。 Editor: Zhu Jianyu, Guan Hao。

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