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Part one: Clear, Brightness, flute night, months, sleeping in the stillness.Flute, drift into a dream.If vaguely, who also fell in dreams, in the depths of the vast wandering, looking for like, questioning, meditation, long time do not have to leave.  A dream, a splendid picture, Wan Lijuan show, beautiful.Eyes, the stone table, tea; there are pavilions, there are people.Quaint teacup Ming fluttering attractive cool cup of tea crystal clear, floating in a smoke-filled building kiosks and over the night will all enveloped in a quiet and peaceful in.Sky, the little star turn flashing a dazzling light, moonlight nowhere dense floating in the sky but also the emotions, all have received back.Finally, the atrium was deeply moved, and eventually slowly pouring in the quiet period of smooth rounded flute, so that all have both auditory and visual enjoyment.  The man, hand books, and then the heart of children, early fly away with the flute.Faint siren floating, the current wave such as cold air, Yang secluded broken touch the heart, month Light Light wind crumple brilliance, in the breath can smell the fragrance of the night.Fireflies flying around, swim in the water, consisting of air, joy and pleasure dancing with the ups and downs.People difficult to sleep soundly, hardly sleep last night because of the moonlight quiet good, night intoxicating, but also because of the elegance flute, fresh breeze gave everything sneak in the heart, to the heart of paradise comfortable and peaceful party, let the search, questioning, contemplation, I have been a clear answer.Moonlight Wen flute, people in the Promised Land, looking flute, flute rhyme questioning, meditation flute Italy.That kind of flute, as “Whose Yudi dark fly sound, scattered into the spring over Los Angeles.”This elegant flute too, the virtual soft but not vigorous; if not” deep dye willow, plum blowing flute complain, spring-known dash?”This is too melancholy flute, it would cause less sentimental; not like the” Twilight return, return twilight, in the final twilight, where the flute sound.”This flute too Qianpan; it’s not like” cold Youmeng flute with red armbands, Fairy incense Pan Jiang River Cha.”This flute is stagnant.Therefore, after the heard, only feel a whistle context of Yiyun long, the dream charming flute Myanmar Miao.  Dreams, always beautiful and brilliant as partners, where the hazy graceful, it will be hard to forget.So, in people’s dreams are fascinated by themselves, they will also be in the United States Xuan confusion, put on hold for the time being in the heart of Magic.So, looking for adventure has become a period of years, has become a question mark questioning never ending, meditation has become a virtual and real depth inquiry.At this moment, Moonlight flute, clear and bright to even more moving, fascinated by the deeper, darker and heavier than the stillness of the night.Virtual and magic, in dreams transpiration, if the poem picturesque scene out looking, questioning, contemplation, but also by the active mind off slowly.  Moonlight smell flute.Looking, questioning, meditation.Night, cloud and star light singing crooning, telling the eternal legend; month, concentration of homesickness and therefore love, cruising in the wanderer’s brow eyes; flute, mountain temple of Drum and bell, Trinidad Fine let the mind be purified; people like Dreaming, swim in the painting, magic in the play, I do not know living in virtual and real.    Part II: Yuet breeze Reunion heaven full moon, earth month with.Went to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets are busy atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival, a child, I only know half of August do not know the meaning of eating moon cake Mid-Autumn Festival.As early greet the sunrise, sunset nights get the wheels turning, so I came to understand the ten thousand happy Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of jubilation.  Autumn August osmanthus fragrance, floating reeds, branches fruitful.Green fields sent bursts of very hot autumn rice flower fragrance, refreshing people.Birds the forest for the hardworking people of selfless dedication to the beautiful singing voice, off the day people work tired glow of the spirit, as if pushed clouds let embarked on a full moon in the middle of the “stage” for the full moon in the sky obviously blooming smile.Since the reform and opening up network sauna, our sons and daughters in the world status goes up and up.In this harmony of the garden we live and work, knowledge and cultural heritage “radiation” to every corner of the motherland.Rapid economic takeoff, the development of science, innovation, this year’s “divine nine” successfully launched into Earth peripheral tasks, the history of China’s manned rockets are often men of God nine there and this woman – – — Liu Yang.It highlights the successful completion of China’s manned rocket mission success rate again gone down in history.For example, like many of the 08 Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo are our pride of Chinese people.Undertakings successfully launched a new blueprint.  Today, we are sons and daughters in this autumn moon, each family how can you not enjoy this one “moon cake” mean!But also embodies some people pay for this moon cake hard, but it can not and their families in their homes.  However, 天涯共此时 month in my heart round.  Let us build their own arena, no colorful lights; no gorgeous dress, full stage our hearts, to see how your dedication.Own achievements is to make their own garlands.  Let us sing!Let’s jump right!Let nature’s sounds clever move heaven and earth, reveal their unlimited emotion; let the moon illuminate the sky each individual springs between the heart and nourish every inch of the land of China, exudes the true meaning of life.  We looked at the moon in the sky, in this harmony we enjoy our garden joy!  Comparative study?Wine in the sky.  .Part III: Brightness of the United States in May was beautiful, good and gentle.  Moon looked down, faint light, like stepping Asakusa went to the sparse moonlight dreams, as there is a search, but also like exploring the beautiful scenery.Deep into the depths of the pond, as if to see structured Yong Lu, separated on both sides of Asakusa, condensate look up to, down low in front of the pond, the lotus on the water move in money, open stretch umbrella of leaves, also as scrolling, Lotus as in the interior, in the growth shy.All around the pond overgrown with reeds, the wind had at night, the sound of rushing Lala reeds issue, as sparse small animals playing in the reeds, very clear, very mildly, as people there is a safe, immersive feeling.  US lotus fragrance, Ashiba, like being in a hazy night in, that aroma blending the beauty of the charming and moving money.  With the clear moonlight walk, it’s beautiful to enjoy, like immersive United States, lead you into the realm.The more depth to go, share beautiful leisurely more pure, pure as he is in the boisterous atmosphere, all the sorrow and troubles behind, together with the share into the deserted Enron, the cool and bright soothing in.  Like the moon is following footsteps, as it awakens peace on the wooden bridge, followed by successive front row.Like from far and near, shadow leave the body forward, from the distant reflection, I saw that beautiful lightly.As laid down in the pond on the moon, very open, vibrant lotus leaf branch froze, crushing footsteps overheard glimpse dreamer craned his neck as if in.See the beautiful appearance, mind unexpected emerges out of your beautiful outline, then if you’re nice wow?Fortunately, I clear bright moon watching you, like lotus beauty, fragrance fighting Yan, graceful.  Moon Dream deep, deep.  Especially in this season, I even could not help their behavior.  Acacia like in a dream at a holding place moonlight, Duwusiren.  Quiet night, a quiet wind, quiet me, has entered into one state.  He went to miss you, but also to read your mind, but also to the touch of Acacia Acacia ferry —— wound in my heart, that you like the lotus thin wing dream, and sequential born again.  The familiar figure, a familiar piece of Yong Lu, like a faint Acacia wrapped heart.Like you at this time, the silence of the lotus in full bloom as Masaoki.  As in the beautiful night, holding you Jiaorao images, quietly I miss you, miss you beautiful moments that you want to smile flower.  This time, I like into your quiet atmosphere, you sniffing fragrant lotus, in lotus skim the United States, thinking of you.  I am beautiful, the illusion you, thinking of you, just as you bloom in the clear bright moonlight, clear bright bloom in my dream the same.  I imagined you fell on my shoulder, waiting for the beautiful appearance of the moon, waiting for the layout of the moon in beautiful sight.Good sexual, some good and beauty.Wu Gang felling trees, just like in our heart wells up, I want to be your dream Wu Gang, the never-ending labor of cutting down trees for you, such as Punta tree tree wow?Like in your dreams.  How many summer night, in the beautiful moonlight, I have been thinking about you, thinking of you beautiful fragrance and intoxicating profile.  In the shadow of the beautiful, as you come marching moonlight, I drill into Acacia powerhouse, so I figure a handsome tall and straight, mirrored in your image.  I remember a time when the moon shines on your bed, you are as beautiful as the lotus, the beauty of that beautiful as the lotus bloom in the beautiful moonlight, according to Lang in my dreams.  Your beauty every time, let me revel good.  I like lying in Hawthorn, sniffing the fragrance of you, look at your lotus bloom in the United States, so enchanted.  Tonight in the pond really beautiful, like you by my side.  I sat under a beautiful moonlight miss you, miss you beautiful, touching you think, that you want flowers.  You are my moon and my dream Acacia.  Under the moonlight reed in the wind swaying reeds in songs like floating in the lotus.

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