Brilliant skies

Everyone’s heart, in fact, has a pure world, the sun has quietly been warm himself.They live person, the most important thing is the mind calm and quiet, so why make life difficult for themselves.Heart an inch wide, width of ten feet, if not generous heart like the sea, how calm life?Life, there are too many expectations disappointing, there are too many dreams can not be achieved, there are always too many words no one can appeal.In fact, some things, gently down, not necessarily easy; some people deeply remember, not necessarily happy; some pain, pale look on, not necessarily experience.Bumpy road, close to a warm; storms of life, give yourself a smile.Life is the joy in the hearts and inclusive loaded, quietly melt trouble and sorrow.    Person with a belief, heart always calm, experienced a storm, before we know the rainbow.Experienced a break away, only know how to cherish have experienced life and death, only to know the meaning of life.Is yours, no matter how long it is left will always find you, not you, despite all, of waste.There are slight smile, has been supporting the heart, pain and happiness; a hint of feelings, has been concerned about looking forward to the pursuit, regrets alive.Dark Dawn is the most beautiful picture, is happy tortured the most beautiful poems, thoughts is the most beautiful songs waiting.In fact, everyone has its own heart, busy, gathering dust in my heart, lonely wind like in another world.If the heart care, everywhere complain; if the relaxation of the heart, is always spring.In this world, not play, because in good faith, not noisy, because the real, not barren, because cherish.    This is a road, a journey that everyone must embark, the saying goes: the growth process is long but fulfilling, self-destructive process short but a lifetime of pain.Life could be a test, go from here depends on self.They live person, the most important thing is the mind calm and quiet, so why make life difficult for themselves.Most things in the world, eight or ten, you can obedience of the people, make you successful, things are rarely.To care about, no one, is one thing you satisfied.If the heart care, everywhere complain; if the relaxation of the heart, is always spring.Tired, feeling of happiness and float quietly, silent smile warm himself, not separated abandoned.Helpless, struggling to stand tall, with tears of blood, with his life propped up one of the free world.None of the flowers, the flowers of rain, do not wronged themselves, do not force yourself, but do not have their own dialysis.Because only you can know yourself, to love yourself, can really cherish their.    The beauty of life, is plain and true, the mentality of the United States, is indifferent and casual.There are some things, not what you want, you can do it, some people, not you wish, you can have; some love, not your pity, we can long-term, do not fight do not ask, revel at will.If the heart to relax, always it is spring.Life is an open book, there are many chapters, you need to read carefully, slowly comprehend; life is a timeless poem, there are a lot of feelings, you need to quietly release, shallow to understand.Some things on earth, you strive to see, in fact, was a mistake, that’s an easy to see.See, is an art of life, a way of life wisdom, the harvest is a way of life.Life itself is a blurred misty rain, not as confused some also come to an easy.Remember to always let the mind a vacation, to settle the mind, balance, abundance, and our life is also happy, beautiful, and no regrets!    Everyone’s minds, has one of their own fields, sometimes bleak and sometimes vigorous, do not care, because they were kind of beauty.Sometimes the wind and rain from time to time, do not neglect, as are an experience.Sown in the heart of the sun, becomes a seed, and describe one kind of miracle.Leaned work, at the heart of a man, propped up with a confident side of the world, we regret their own, are legendary life.Orchid Glen born, not because no one is interested not aromatic, which is a indifferent; Plum compartment opened at the corner, because the sun does not cold fragrance, this is an elegant.A life does not have to care about some things, some things must be cleared.Water around the stone over, not because of resistance of the rocks and disputes, which is a low-key, put down the down time, you will be able to free hand to seize the real part of your joy and happiness.    Years, according to a touch of Asaka in the heart, to see the evening among Love, smell the flowers send warm.Looking back to the time a shallow; give yourself a calm smile.If the heart care, complaints everywhere, the way of life, in fact, there are many post, if tired, stop, stop, flick servant servant dust, rest quietly, you’ll feel the wind is gentle, the night is beautiful.Have to keep a clean, gain a peaceful.Life is full of transforms, can sink when Yasumori a peace of mind, exclusive of a lonely quiet, then when the rise, in order to really appreciate the true meaning of life.The yellow leaves of trees down, grow a beautiful spring.Gray clouds in the sky down, have a bright clear sky.People, put down the heavy stagnation, there is a happy life.(Sauna News .sanwen .COM) is a kind of dignity alive, despite the bitterness intolerable, but also the courage to face.Because we good heart, because we may never choose, although anxious and helpless, but also a smile calm.Because the storm is natural scenery, because life is a kind of sharpening.To maintain the pure heart, they must make their own mind pure, not for fame or fortune tied, is not disturbed by the pros and cons.Courage in the face of setbacks, unmoved in the face of temptation, nothing Department of heart, go with the flow.If it is bitter smile, clean face with water, staring at the sun head.You will feel the sky is vast, clouds are not scattered.If the pain to be quiet, take a deep breath, exhaled slowly.You’ll feel people are no regrets, the heart is strong.Tears only make the heart more pure Chol, can only sigh make way more persistent, and only strong, we will be wonderful to live.    Life is always this way, you lose that, you may come on the road, do you think the way to own, may go.If the heart care, everywhere complaints, if the relaxation of the heart, are always in the spring, with the open-minded mood, wise mind, strong will spend life disappointments, greet you will be a sunny sky.Because the need for free and easy life, because her hand warm, often maintain a cheerful heart, stop complaining that things can not change.Whether you are happy or not, time keeps ticking!In fact, happy life is a feeling, a mood.You are elated, relaxed and happy, lonely or depressed, tired, depending on their state of mind.Our bodies because of fatigue and exhaustion, heart problems also arise due to overload.If the heart is simple, love is everywhere!

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