Bringing back memories of autumn

I deep-seated to pregnant autumn, in my mind conceived that pulling the audience’s soul fragrance children, seem to have the scent of old age, also we have a young melancholy, troubled in me feelings of the uterus suck the essence of my life, such as landing peanuts, gave birth to a feeling of sadness at Night, You Yan.In the silence of the night, Chouer laugh or cry or express the worry of inexplicable sad.I do not know the root causes of this Chouer life, and by the sound of her sobs life worries me stay night’s sleep in the silence of the night, and by the sound of her laughter joy I stay night life in the stillness of the night dormancy.    ”The Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan?”Sailing muster any autumn of my life across the vast youthful, Renqiu Bo waves of my life free ferry crossing my Happy.But, why do you stand on the other shore of the ferry rocked Autumn Clouds like painted fans?Why ferry fans from storms jolt shook my sailboat?And why journeying end askance at me, like a fleeting glance frequently condensate, gazing embedded in my life?A glimpse of each other, from your sad autumn picture fan I Acacia condensed into a melancholy sound of rain drops drizzly rain withered lotus banana my window, reminding us of scenes autumn whisper whisper in my Heart Lake.Full of Autumn, I’m reclining window overlooking, overlooking the other side of the ferry I painted fans, but do not clear the picture on the fan, just like a real estate broker in Yu Zhi you frequently swagger, swagger is still calling me meet my sailboat load you go to the other side of life?You frequently swagger, muster your runnin my sailboat isolated shore.Another youthful shore go there, go to the other shore that youthful, I want to see the picture on the fan, I have to read out the melancholy picture sad sigh!    You stand youthful another shore, jiggle your painted fans.Another shore grass green, catkins shake drag in the autumn wind, that’s your swagger frequently.I muster my sailboat, go to the other shore Autumn, see the picture on the fan, it is autumn sky fall on your tolerance painted fans, that’s your shadow in your capacity autumn picture fan; I read Chouyuan out of the picture, it is heavenly melancholy moment in your painted fans, that’s your depression engrave your picture fan.Dance your surplus painted fans, let autumn ablation capacity in the autumn; wind Show your screen, so depression dissipated in drag Liu.Graceful you, like your Chouyuan, numerous waves of winks; Yu Zhi slender you, like your painted fans, rocked youthful Ripples.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) to go to the other shore youthful, see rocked painted fans; go to the other shore youthful, carry you to the other side of life.Gently took me sailing, as you gently shake fan, fan shake autumn tired swing, sail life, we set sail to the other side of life; we shake sailing life, as you gently shake fan , shake autumn fan of the Sound, dissipate gloom heaven, ablation painted fans Chou Yuan, Happy we went to the other side of life.    Silent winter night, I embrace autumn fragrance children.In the sleepless Acacia, I Servicing my Chouyuan, I indulge my joy Discovery, you cry you laugh, still stay night ah, you go case by case, gently rippled Yilian youthful!

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