Broken Bridge

Part One: Way back bridge Inclined rain, the walk in the West, resident at the bridge, think back to a mythical ancient legend.A small black bamboo umbrella oil, softened period of enduring love, interpreted as eternal story, has spread.White Snake, a beautiful Millennium snake demon, her husband, a gentle mortal, what is the incentive for the achievements of this love of Monsters?  Xu Xianlin among herbs, deliverance dying a little White Snake, White Snake grace this to heart, to give up years of monasticism, under the mundane world into a personal Yonder world, looking for Xu Lang, despite Simon Different Ways to repay favors saving grace, from the West Lake Broken bridge, a graceful margin.  Meet, Song San, love, spend, and sea in case of obstruction, drinking realgar wine coming Dragon Boat Festival, Temple stealing, stealing fungus grass, trapped Pagoda, twenty years later, Wenquxing to save the mother, out of the Pagoda, family reunion, immortal.  That beautiful encounter, said it was unintentional intentional, past the covenant string together thousands knot, stranded in the West Lake Broken Bridge.Staring eyes, like affectionate include West Lake.Such a surprise beautiful woman should only be celestial, a happy dream lover flawless jade.Johnson softly, shyly, turned around, a look back, and do not mind all the acts waves of emotion, there should be no language, whose son has been set.  That is because the peach rain, a black bamboo umbrella, softened loving I,.People from rain Xu, also conceal your slightly damp gorgeous.Song San, only to wait for the next meet, just to shelter your life, all the warmth are combined under the umbrella, not forever distraction.  You thick I concentrated, tenderness water.You treat, I dispensing, Fuchangfusui, save the world common people.Xu Lang has a humanitarian tradition of helping the heart, humane White Snake good like Buddha, two good-hearted, and blend into everything, praying for the world.Finally got rewarded, and Jiao children pregnant in the body, under the lamp, two Zhangxin Xi smile, brilliant night air outside the cabin.  When clouds according Tude from storm.That eventful ruthless monk, why do you want disaster strikes?Dragon Boat Festival dumplings incense filled the West, I do not know the Musical, sea warning you doubt genuine method to prepare a cup of realgar, wife to drink.How do you know I was so panic, but do not want all the painstaking efforts are all in vain and calm drank wine in front of you.Turned back to the house, turn you to the door, do not want to make their prototype scared you, did not want to let you know that your wife this is the practitioners of a white snake on Mount Emei, I do not want to let you know later from the edge to the end.But, but, that scene was witnessed by you.  Dai Li has been imprisoned in the Jinshan temple, Xu Xian.How can that gentle, pleasant wife is a snake demon?Do not believe, do not believe!However, the eyes see what is?Fear and trepidation in the past scenes that flashed in my mind, so sweet, so sweet, so tender.Even if the wife is the demon, but also a good snake, how can I throw will throw her?I love, I really love.  Xiaoqing, the officer where to go?Xiaoqing, I’m looking to go Husband.And sea, but also my Husband, or blame me for stealing!Amitabha, Simon different routes, you still let go and go.  Begging useless, the roots of anger, grabbing, storm, creatures painted too.In front of a bright light, Jinbo covering the body, crushed under the Lei Feng Tower, forever may not come out unless the West Lake water, dry, pour Pagoda.  I heard quiet sigh came from the Pagoda, West Lake water to penetrate the vast, wind blowing through the smoke Liu Ru Xu Bai Causeway, and echoed in the bridge.The sound of temple bells and drums, I ask, ever heard?  Story far away, but still want to come now so beautiful plaintive.White Snake did think that what is being affected by the call, in April every now and then to the world of Intrigue?That romantic though short-lived, but it is deep-seated experienced a lingering, let her have a love for the world.West Lake is still, still broken bridge, the White Snake, Xu Xian where to go?Is also of the breeze, every now and then in the West, people hear their stories of legends?If you are still under the White Snake Pagoda, whether under the lamp in every night with Buddha, bell Drum in feeling gloomy, fleeting rotation?She also balderdash shouting her Husband Xu Xian it?If her husband is still Jinshan temple monasticism, mottled red walls are not covered with dust attachment to him dressed in white, deep at the temple, the bridge is still lingering in his mind it, that the black bamboo umbrella it also left sweltering?  If they are still there, it must be deeply thinking about each other, must have been looking forward to the West Lake water, dry, Pagoda down, it must be impatient for reunion every night, again later.  West Millennium, the Millennium bridge, Millennium this beautiful legend!    Part II: Cliff short stone bridge clear the hazy outline of mountains, water color demon sly, painting throughout the broken, the same color can not be separated unexpected quiet.  Very distant dream engraved in my heart, but they forgot my happiness sadness.  Child, bare feet walk the stone path and mossy, there is a feeling of quiet permeates the whole body, as if he out of the whole earth, my thoughts I suddenly understood why Lin Jiang strains growing on immortality will live in bamboo shadow swaying in the faint moss Xiaoxiangguan.Little me, a little quiet, a little story.  There was from the people, left his home, leaving his wife and children, leaving parents, friends leave, leave everything they once owned, he began wandering, I began to think they liked their own lives, but unfortunately, in his last moments he suddenly burst into tears he finally found no home, no wife and children, no parents, no friends, he did not, and he himself was discarded, where he never find a!US nightlife network bridge is not to break, but it’s lonely in the snow of a chill in aloof off.  Quiet night, beautiful, but why is someone going to break this silence, the quiet lonely fragmented leaving only the broken foam.Miscellaneous trouble they continued their joy in the darkness, and I sat quietly on the roadside stone, watching the disappearing month, I see it not as a relief to leave it!  Cold moonlight, cold shadow, cold man, I was so lonely lonely with no friends, no ego, no joy, no ancient I want, if the heart die, what will become indifferent to go corpse.Very happy, because no self; very happy, because I’m dead, I no longer have that air of false ego disguised as before.  Sand, it is floating, great, full of the entire desert; very brilliant, the bloody sunset dyed dark earth tones; very happy, they can out of their flesh, with his pure soul leaves this world of chaos, though dead was silent, but my death is unique, like a broken bridge, get off the stunning, unparalleled in the world get off, get off once Unlucky residual snow.    Part Three: The lake bridge past a bridge, now only two bridges across the sea outline.We will take a name for it – the bridge, the lake is deep, once with a three meters long bamboo poles are not in the end probe.Impression seems to be in middle school would often come here to play, every summer, the bridge has become a natural summer resort.From morning to night, many people flocked to come swim tease.And I was one of the fanatics.After working out every home will take some time to come walk.  Is already October, around the trees still blossom extract of green leafless.Autumn sun did not like the hot summer, bright but not dazzling.Calm lake with urgent relief when thrown pieces scales light breeze.On the right bank of the lake is a green bamboo, is a bulge on the left bank of a small hill, covered with golden grass above the somewhat bleak, leafy trees at the lake only nut trees is still eye-catching, along the lake and can be seen on to not far from a low inter-tile consisting of a peaceful village.  Stop cycling, sitting on a lake discarded stakes, next to a tree.The afternoon sun shone on him through the leaves, covered with lazy like a piece of melted chocolate slowly, so do not the slightest effort.I can not help but looked on his hands against the back of the weeds.Blue sky as if a huge canvas, a few groups Lonely impunity in the above outline strange picture.When the wind is always blowing their fair, occasionally ripped off a few pieces of bamboo leaves, elegant posture floating down the lake Dangqi slight ripple.Thirty-two dragonfly lake level flight, suddenly a rather abruptly swept under the water, feet tap dancing at a rapid upward movement smooth, coherent.From time to time came several more birds in the jungle, but heard and not seen its shadow.The whole world out of its peaceful.  The total period of time that a person of quiet solitude, each time coming back from work, close the door and think it is their own world.Sometimes chew this Pan-flavored book, scan the few lines I do not know why, helplessly aside.Readily put a few songs wearing headphones, listening to results of foggy.Simply lie in bed eyes looking at the white ceiling void.It seems to have only a whole person with body, soul forgotten in a corner.He grabbed the cell phone to see: Halo!How time flies so slowly?Start looking forward to the night, to link a quilt hooded cap, opened his eyes is the dawn.Sometimes want to go around, open the window watching the street of pedestrians and vehicles, immediately scrap the whole idea, rather boring Xia Guang, you might as well lay waiting for darkness.  A few days ago I kept asking myself: life is too simple or too complicated I had?20 years of life have experienced a variety of right and wrong, ups and downs, twists and turns.With the growth of experience, the heart gradually built a strong fortress wall, wrapped themselves tightly in.Think so have a sense of security to better protect yourself, always guard against the height, I say can not be said, wanted to laugh nor smile.Over time feeling good tired Shen!  Suddenly understand: life is not simple.But people have to live simple, just like now, when the full relaxation, peace of mind naturally, you will find the sky is so blue, the water is so clear, the wind is so soft, breathing the free air, enjoy the warm sunshine.Like the bridge, regardless of the earthly variety of hustle and bustle, still separated the two sides exchange a look with each other, embracing a calm lake gently flowing.  I stood up, patted the weeds behind, bent down and picked up a stone and threw hard lake.Then he turned his bicycle.The wind came and plump soon burst of startled birds singing.    Part Four: If the world forget the bridge turn, forgot to take what time will stay in the good times.If life has no regrets.No waves, we is not no chance goodbye, I may be young heart is too soft, the wind can not stand can not stand the waves.; Life is like a cup of bitter coffee, although some sugar, but does not have to reduce the bitterness.Human life is a very long process, tempest on life journey, we need strong will and positive attitude towards life.Time will not stop the passage of our personal, because we and the world will not stop turning, but life goes on, we have to face all hardships in life, perhaps a test of attitude towards life, right!  Wind never stopped, seasons, again and again; the human heart over time gradually mature.More clear.As long as our hearts are not overwhelm the Great Wall, the constant grind Tiechu.  Although living in this complicated world, but we can still bitter pleasures.We want a happy life, happy live each day, each of the seasons.Rather than to climate around our mood, we all have happy this is the most important, is like a bridge that is broken, you can let you fall into the abyss, if we plan ahead, we can successfully reach the other side, we seek to belong that own a happy chapter five: bridge lotus thanks, but I come.  Look forward to years of waiting, the Millennium, the Millennium Looking back, because the bridge that the rain and to the execution of juvenile umbrella.  The morning, there are rowed gently drifting away, filled with a pool of water, empty uphold the sporting expectations.  With decades of years to come to meet with you, only to find that you indifference to stand in the wind outside, listening to the talk cloud.After the pull back, I was getting thin on the footsteps of Sir Georg Solti.  Standing facing the lake, nothing beats touching their heart sounds modifier of the soul.Who would wait, who will come to the party, who will accompany me to the end of time.  One dead, called desolation, and turns of mind, turned into tears thrown cold withered lotus.Xuanshen then, the bridge has not seen.  Left wind, right-hand smoke, after Nabing paper umbrella abandoned boat, overnight became the bell, regardless of distance, I can not hear.  Nobody four banks, many doors opened and closed, the sound of chanting, cool earth fingertips crushing loneliness, despair fill into Acacia tune, then under the faint sound of the piano to pull away, looming.  Earthly note has been far, who is sitting in the wind, I will be sewn into a canoe, in exile and dream awake.  Ages.You’re the other side of the snow, the other side of the flower, how any of my journey, it is only a wound, gently pain.  Since then naturally clear, the bridge is not broken, the already off, is Sansei stone had been imprinted in hand, Li Shen Garden is wrong?wrong?wrong!Mo?Mo?Mo!  Heavy rain is approaching, who insisted on a two-edged paper umbrella through the bridge?And when I arrived, and who is standing under the tree in West Lake.

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