Broken Dreams

Part one: passing wind, broken dreams go under the colorful neon lights, walking around looking at the rushing, but after the stranger, suddenly felt that everything around is so strange, silent.Even the street noisy music to my ears constantly coming fast and furious, but his face, still as discarded doll-like, but can not fall presented an expression of pain, born of frustration, but only to understand the human song.  Summer is a season of what?With the arrival of the raindrops pattering Lek, wash all the hustle and bustle of the city, in the rain curtain, I dragged his exhausted body, take a stroll on the busy road, next to the passer, and constantly threw me a strange look.Even if you seem to fall again, and then lost, in the world, few people will go to pity you still own final injury, wound blood has been let air around gather together, and a touch of sadness bloody blowing their own, but can not climb up.  Went to the crossroads, coming and going, I do not know how to make a choice.Perhaps, chose this I do not know the road ahead, we can not turn back.However, I have been tired, do not care, so I go straight ahead, walking on the road, also chose a companion and I walked.However, I do not want to partner Bing know the real reason he and I would go on, gradually, I keep a smile became a habit.However, the hearts of the slightest cold or not with the passage of time from the tone, on the contrary, the more obvious.And he seems very hard to make everything so moved, surprise, happiness surround around us!You know, everyone wants everything his own pay, if you can be sure, he fell into the morass of confusion.”We take a break, go for so long, tired,” he asked softly.I knew he was tired heart, a heart and who wants to ice as it companion on the road?I then sat down.  At this point the air like a life without the presence of stiff around, oppressive atmosphere, gradually spread.He also quietly, his face can not see any blood, I want him opening.After a while, he looked at me with wavering eyes, then looked down and said slowly: “I have a story to you!”There are a lot of beautiful sea shells, summer, I walk in the middle of groups of shells, I would like to find a suitable shells, however, many beautiful shells but do not want to leave the beach, just want to travel in the vast sea, so, one day, shiny sand, I saw a bright shell, she and her joy of playing her shell, my eyes can not help but be attracted to her, so I went over and picked her, her eyes blinking at me, but did not struggle.Inner joy across from the eyes at the end, I was cruel to her from the sea, and now, I am at a loss, although went to the shore, but feel Queshiruci selfish and did not give much thought to whether or not she leave adapt sea life, did not consider her future happiness.  He looked up, his eyes a little sad after a while, asked: “Do you think I should take her or leave her in the sea?”I, silent, sunset light our shadow pull very, very long I paused and said firmly:” Since you’ve picked her to the shore, they should not hesitate , take her away.”He gave a smile of joy, said:” I will make her life than those living in the sea of happiness.”Two of them as smiled, then continue to move forward, because Hongxia sky more beautiful, and I have you, to know the definition of happiness.  I once, in the beautiful Love, the encounter with the youth, passing wind, but also know the pain of broken dreams.I was afraid of such a journey, fearing such a nightmare.However, people can not only live in the past, since flying in the air make you happier, you should practice a pair of wings, to fight the blue sky!!    Part II: Broken Dreams flower twist Nianhua finger, broken dreams dressed, bright red stung advice slipped from memory, there is no stopping the second, fragrance and smell collision unreasonable, tangy.  Court depths of the heart, a ray of light suspended sadness, smell the rag Qinxiang.Fallen taste of the mood of the catalyst, capture the mood fortress-like springs, will completely destroy the dream.  Throw the captivity of trouble, destined to congested ideas dust.Like clouds Si Wu, a long loose not open.So I try to go for the heart scan to visit, to know the mood of the burst of pent-load defeat frozen.Nightlife network began to reflect, through the section of the road, dazed silence dead wood, road signs like pulling too seriously, so before winding road loop, also do not understand the irony of euphemism.  Always adhere to the one thought in how right thing; always think with a good heart to become attached to a good fruit in.Always I think gravity can emulate a heart-shaped outline.When I was stubbornly self-righteous, but do not know a lot of things can only farther away from their own.  Each carefully, each wrapped in a sincere.Always wanted to go on with wishful dream whisper, will be able to seize the reality of the central nervous system, so that the fate of fantasy blueprint for fixing.As everyone knows struggled heart, or to wander again and again deep in the Undead.  In fact, I just want to spend some more dessert to do the fate of the fight, I want to expect a future.But always fragile confidence was defeated, and eventually a little without the courage to resist.  Then journey to ruin the dream of any timid, confined heart tangled shackles, impossible to say over and over again, no longer heads held high.So to how to save the high-profile, to how to defeat reserved heart?  Only light rain dripping any of those sad feelings of emotion, kind of circle flower flowers, dial down a leaf petals twist to twist to go off the dust of broken dreams mistake, no longer bleached color transparent.    Part Three: Under bronze-colored autumn, broken dreams where can I find leaden corner, so silent, youleng.Perhaps there will be a next one short of the corner of hibiscus, quiet waiting at the leaden autumn, the recount that leaden dream, or the chains that had long been a dream of the fate of the pressure of a heavy autumn rain tattered dreams.Once origami perhaps fall in that silence of the river, but now buried in leaden rain, you want to put together the broken dreams.  Alone waited at the leaden autumn, the thinking which strings familiar melody, heard more often, perhaps hearts that unspeakable sorrow and grief will be more, in the faint light cry might be better, unseen days invisible missing figure, visible just the leaden rain, leaden broken dreams, shattered like a piece of glazed tiles, though broken, but remnants of the color really beautiful.This autumn.Tears autumn wind quit, because the next rain was so intoxicated, perhaps a dream that shallow smile can perceive the taste of rain, but it will probably solidify in the air around the leaden years.One person alone to complete the share of grief puzzle.  Once under the stars against the wishes of many, had thought that night was shining meteor, only to see the light of the moment, when you want a romantic wisteria fly, get really only seen crying gardenia.Fascinated by the gardenia fragrance, a people drunk incense.Magnificence time wash away the endless dust, but there was this missing clotting in the rustling of the autumn, so deep, so touching.Clumps of hay will paint a beautiful pattern in Huachou Yurun days, people may only around the corner facing the leaden autumn silently weeping.Really I want to kiss quiet and elegant gardenia, if there is one day in my hands.  Leaden rain hitting the dirt and perhaps also chirping sound, as long as it stops the wind chimes swaying.Hope dew on the roof never drawn or moisture in the autumn rain, so always keep that lead color fragrant gardenia, incense because it’s really beautiful!Care to go that last point leaden dew, wind Piaoyuan it is not always stationed between mind, that last piece of the puzzle to complete the dream, perhaps it is gardenia fragrance.Cold weather, really miss you!

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