Broken pieces Whispers

Broken pieces whispers Wanru charming reverie, shallow singing life tempting.- Inscription years of migration, time limp walk, at time goes by, we wandered on the track this life, all the way to swaying reveries, into the elegant living in, to pick up a chaotic thoughts, the memories engraved in my heart.    Our reveries such as Word, float in the air in this universe Lang Lang, the accumulation of a full perception Xuan Can look at this world, the beauty of life reverie hearts of vision in life slowly understand the true meaning of life: regardless of the starting point in life which, as we have “people” as upwards forever and two-foot.    In the bustling city, night, noisy people get upset.Proudly towering skyscrapers, a striking shining aura TV drama, Ying weak point of the star this time even more bleak.The bright lights, busy crossroads, Gongchoujiaocuo street alley, ignorant of us, waves from the heart not a hint of confusion, “This is what we have to live it?”This ride in the world pregnant with beauty, we got what, what is lost?Choose what to give up what?We always live in contemplation, reflection, reverie, for a brighter future full of hope, look forward to this, he also studded with a hint of frustration, the helplessness of life or lose.Nightlife net on that quiet forest trails, night, tranquil Sleeping was like a child, as if awakened from a dreamless sleepy eyes open, eyes bright colors would be a.Early evening breeze cool, lingering hint of warm breath, the world seems to freeze this moment in the beautiful.Smoke curl bamboo hut, water gurgling brook woods, numerous gorgeous wilderness Tianchou, we shuttle on this terraced rice paddies, there is no “intrigues” of the dispute, there is no “survival of the fittest,” the worries, time ran aground in this blossoming life smile, perhaps this is what we want in life, like paradise described by Tao, but we can not stay in this natural life, because society is not allowed, not reconciled life, we eventually chose full of “mixing” “blue sky”.Cowardice on the sand, let the years it annihilation, the courage to put the wind, filled with enthusiasm to chase, without a hint of hesitation, not before faltering a bit, living quietly in the history of this trend land flowing with.Meandering creek, dancing shadows of the trees, towering mountain, hazy mountain.Our reverie into a ray of swirling words, coiled in every moment of our lives, we talk with tempting of life, perception of life.    Such as language reveries, our perception of mosaic continual reveries like language, continue to “spread”, until the pulse stopped beating.Vast world of ethereal life, we are always in touch reveries, planning their own future life, there may be too many disappointments in life, and sometimes difficult to follow, but we have to face not choose to give up, but this is how to get out of the dead end of life.Life is not very difficult war, and only make life difficult for the heart, as long as you do not indulge in a moment of failure, the front end would be “vista”.    Such as language reverie, like the spring wind chimes, blowing woke up things, like color flute summer to disperse the haze, like autumn notes, dotted dream, like winter melody, led us toward the ideal of the other side.Our future is not a dream, as long as we believe that “The great ambition there, sail sea”, our perseverance will eventually get a beautiful ending!

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