Bronze went into the “museum”

Through the bustling streets of a city, we went straight to the antique market in bronze away.    Between one of hundreds or even thousands of square meters of store, hanging on the wall, rows of shelves, brackets support of ground columns, dazzling, everything, to tableware Ding, Gui, Yu, Jue wine, Gok, respect , pots, water tray, it is more than.Wine vessel from the Shang Dynasty Copper owl wine container, the Animal Mask drum percussion instruments business late; from the Western Zhou Cooking sharp enough Ge, literature and history to the Ming wall disc recording family history; from the Spring and Autumn lotus water containers crane square pot, the symbol of royal tripod; modeling realistic from Warring moire copper rhinoceros respect, if the set of hierarchical suspended to bells; mausoleum from Chariot, the dragon bronze mirror; Han Dynasty horse riding Chebi, ceremonial vessels to Dian tiger bull sacrifice disk.It was elegant in sight, before you can only find in the gloomy museum, perhaps you can browse from the damaged incomplete ancient yellow volume.You can look at the front of this size, this momentum has King bearing bronzes have here, you will not even Patterns style never seen, do not know even the names of bronze There are also, in addition to seem a bit too crowded outside, is simply like a museum bronze, so that those who come to see the bronze style, put aside its veil of mystery, its heavy Mu moon and stars like youleng glow, imagine it was brilliant.    Hold up a bronze mirror, gently brushed the dust, still can not see the prospect of a solution, perhaps because of corrosion Parti.It may even be brand new, and sharpness can not be compared mercury mirror.How ancient beauty dressing up in front of a bronze mirror decoration harassment?Clear creek, quietly why water does not always reflect the slim figure?Women’s spotlight is indelicate, degrading house style?Or bronze mirror itself is a symbol of wealth, status and highlights the powerful?    Shi Pei Jianwu three new attention bolster his hands, if the set of layered suspension to the Warring States bells, bells sincere praise shape unique, abundant charm, grand and spectacular.If the “Zhongming Ding food” is the ancient aristocracy of the rich and powerful people live scenes, so when I picked up a hammer to knock over one by one, with classical and unique sound through the change of dynasties Chung distant mountains come, not only thousands of years ago ancient artistic talent impressed and dumping, enjoy the charm of ghosts Seiko bronze in the sounds of nature at the same time, more deeply understand the cultural history of the creation of the whole social unrest.    Began around two thousand years BC, the Xia, Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty, reached its peak in the Spring and Autumn Period Bronze, Bronze Age lasted about fifteen centuries, as the dust settles Western Han Dynasty royal family, its pace is far, far away we became deaf.I pointed to a familiar vessel quietly asked: “Do you see!The nipple flat pattern Jazz season and want to sell your boss is not exactly the same?”” Yes, exactly the same.”” That’s how season the boss said, is that true relics?”” Imitation is over, some need some time buried in the ground, and then dug up, not to become the relics?”Consider also, people did not say where unearthed, what dynasty, but their ignorance of it.    An industry source said: “That season I asked the owner of the dynasty which, he says: not clear.So, he wants the price of twenty thousand, instead of two hundred thousand, or even more.The people here really understand Amoy genuine treasures, hope value; really do not understand people who do not buy, because there is no share appreciation and elegant leisure; in fact, they do antique business, the customer base is also the half-comprehended culture people know little about, do not know much, too well-off life, thinking about spiritual things, bronze decorations when not only inherits the ancient oriental civilization, without losing the charm and elegance.This is why the recent retro jade, bronze and favored the cause of quietly popular.”After he did so coaching, suspicions dispersed, enlightened.Yes, here on every piece of bronze did not indicate the name, age, purpose, not because no way of dating, there is no generation of well-off, are clearly a number of imitations.It can be superb skills enough to the real thing, a bronze reproduction of discovery from Majiayao cultural layer after, have unearthed the Xia, Shang, Zhou, Spring and Autumn, the Han Dynasty glaucoma Jianying.If there is no certain knowledge of casting aspects of the history, literature, aesthetics and smelting, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of.Even a layman can, as long as you do not ask, the boss is a walking dictionary, tell you that gone the passing carriage horse whinny of the Warring States and Western Khan dynasty, tell the story in bronze mottled cohesion in, so you feel it seems that Ai complain like the sound of desolation.    When I drew Goujian sword, covered with blue glass mosaic pattern of diamond-shaped pattern through the blade, and sword grid on both sides, eyes will still be hurt by that sharp blade.That inhuman hardships of temper, and finally destroy the Wu, reported the story enemies Hueiji, as if the sun was shining and the frost branches shiver in the cold, let me shocking, mixed feelings.    ”Dim the swords, gone Gujiao contention, eyes flying with a fresh face.Imperial lost the trail, deserted border town of war, years ah, you can not take away that a familiar name.Everything is the source of all, the clutch of customs intelligence, scattered clouds overnight, changing the time and space.Interested Yangtze River into tears, from the Yangtze love singing, history of a few stars shining sky, earth a hero ‘, in dash.”TV series” Three Kingdoms “theme song, sounded at this moment, how I feel as if its content is designed for bronze and for?Melody forceful, tragic, heart awesome, breathtaking soul.    Old world bronze warrior, although its splendor in the years becomes mottled rust buried in, but it youleng, dignified, quiet, yet still mysterious, noble, elegant.In my opinion, more like a bronze lamp brightest China Art Palace, with its dazzling solo candle seedlings too, Xiao Song had, brilliant, and then goes out quietly.    And in the hands of craftsmen imitation, once bright bronze, and be honored today.    From the antique market, strong sunlight made me open eyes, skyscrapers, shuttle cars, crowds, and when I used to own a modern rhythm encounter, actually become so suited.Zhu Qing September 23, 2005

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