Brood in mind

The family has never had any pets raise, living on top of the building, but the leaf yet, no court no hospital, really convenient.    One day, his daughter came home from school to see the door of the nursery sell chicks, chicks were crowded in the tray embracing phase, glistening yellow, fluffy, called Cha-cha, truly lovely.Amazed watching her daughter’s face, then spend one yuan to buy two.To take home, put into cartons, mat Yellow sand, put water, rice, placed on the balcony, since the family is also considered to have a pet.    Two chicks daughter to take the name of “round” and “Showtime”, the first thing is to go to the balcony to go home from kindergarten funny chicks playing, laughing and joking can be brought before the half-hour.She had to stay in bed the previous problems, since raising the chicks, they “smell the chicken to get up,” suddenly developed a habit of rising early.One weekend, I went and took her daughter to the edge of the town to put food chicks, two “little balls of fluff” on the grass you by my peck, rolling, running around dancing with daughter.One day after getting his daughter exclaimed, somehow “Showtime” actually died in the carton, leaving only the “round” Xingyingxiangdiao, daughter naturally sad.    Is a weekend to put food back, suddenly saw a roadside Chu Yan flutter crawling on the ground, he may be injured.Afraid to travel by walking dogs cats harm, he took it home.This is a small swallow, petite body, yellow mouth, do not eat or call.But can make do with chicken feed, it can be fed but did not swallow a little more experience.A check “love-net”, some experts Weapon: In case of chicks fell to the ground, the best way is to pass away, will take care of the birds in the side, if more than retrieve sudden death.So scared into a cold sweat, but the consequences of this is well-intentioned, put it back might have been non Only the intensive care.So her daughter have another task, to go home first and then the chicken is funny concept Yan.    Small things at first without eating, I pried his mouth open with a toothpick barely able to plug a Michong, it does not actually recognize a few days of food, and it is not a small appetite.Old people say: do not eat winged doves, swallows eat landing.This means that, Yan Zixi eating insects.So my daughter and I go out and play every day, flies, we can not fly, can catch a bug too hard, a few days will be too tired to exhausted.After check the Internet, the original bread and worms can.City flying birds, spend one yuan to buy one or two mealworms, kept in a tin can in.This time on the balcony can be lively, jar worm, chicken box, swallows on the table, the ground is full of little stains.Wife several times angrily said, to give a thorough clean-out.My daughter and I start getting scared up, afraid to go home that day balcony will become “clean up”.    Chu Yan eat mealworms very interesting, one can eat a dozen.Ability to train its prey, her daughter with needle and thread through the worm dangling in the air, it sometimes can escape in the pecking.Sometimes “round” has come to grab insects, it fiercely, like a robber, insects tend to call it “wrapped round”.We also trained to fly the ability to swallow, with two cardboard like playing badminton like it will be asked to care.Two weeks later, it will be flying low, and her daughter give it the name “Fei Fei”.Three weeks later, “Fantasy” will be able to demonstrate its flying skills of those skilled in the hall between my house.    News swiftlet house chickens things soon became daughter’s class, children sometimes our guest, she proudly display their family this two pets.When eating bread worms five dollars, “Fei Fei” never want this kind of gracious living, and often posted on the screens, want to fly out the window.I know, it should be flying the.And daughter several times the amount of the matter, she said, “and so on”, she is reluctant to “Feifei”.A weekend, when we plan a flying ceremony, inadvertently opened the window, “Fei Fei” disappeared in a jump between buildings, throwing back her daughter sad call.    For several days, her daughter are unhappy, say cry.I have only good words to comfort: “Fei Fei” is always to be flying, put it early is good, maybe next year it will come to our house and nest it.After walking on the road, there is a swallows flying over, she stopped to watch, how profound, “Fei Fei” gave her the impression that!    Now, the “round” rather than stay in a carton, often flying out of trouble, every few days I am going to go to the home country.Daughter of the little chicks also already in the first grade, and nearly three months of brooding experience gave her the experience and happy!

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