Brook Review

[REVIEW]: patio is a skylight old house, old house surrounded by the tightly rammed earth walls, a door shut could see only smoke out of the house.The skylight is the only territory to take the old house Light.Every day is a day to float from the well every night by moonlight dream is to enter the house from well people sleep.  Stream in my memory is not a barren mountain village symbol, settled in a village northeast of Fujian, in front of a stream behind the house is Castle.Mountains and trees, fields and water, and with the seasons, seasons Yung makeup, how can I say it barren?  Bypass stream before the village, they have the same preferences, from the mountains out with excitement, taken under the clouds substrate, a river float goose, gently shake the water with ripples fish.While saying with “Eight mountains of water a sub-fields” speaks of a small mountain village in the proportion of water, however, points to the water, I feel very full, like when I was young in the body, like blood abundance, both in any part of my body pierced with a needle, can be out of bright red blood.Village water also comes as easy as sharply, the old house against the hillside, they simply open up a bamboo joint, spring will be able to pass through walls lead to home, one can listen to the men and women day and night In that spring to reading the scriptures Buzz Buzz.  Village man’s life seem to grow in the ground, the sun shine on the earth, see a large crop up is the man, waving a hoe direction, is the direction of the wind that day.The sun shine day after day, year after year the wind blowing, tree crops are Qiushi capsules sweat, the harvest in the land where, when he could no longer sweat, like a withered reeds, can only shake shadow in the stream, the stream’s collection in sight.Village life is a woman in the water, the sun came out, a woman’s figure on adult fish in the stream, listening to the clatter of the water, constantly scour the days of dust and dirt.Wash day by day, woman face Red Cloud faded, smooth skin crumpled in wrung, and finally became a woman full of black and white photographs of wrinkles, resting on a high a shrine.  Who is a born water are clean, death is a net water body.Can say that life in the water, that water also die.Life with a period running script is written with the body dip.Village whether such person, a woman made of water to understand more deeply.Mother confessed wife, nastiness can not wash wash upstream, desecrated the god of water, sewage water of a river, the village there are cataclysms.Fowl plague fire, etc..People ah accident!Will be damned never reincarnation.Practice for the next life blessed life, the same wife confessed to her daughter.Water than do women still cherish the care of their body in front of the stream, in their hearts the river, streams shed worship two deep whirlpool awe.In any case they will not go to the stream shower bath.  Generations guardian, the stream of effluent to see the true crystal of the water, the mirror days Kam.One day love to see such a village, feeling everything pro, she excitedly heart dripping with rivers and streams, like clean water, gently said to me: This living tomorrow insightful water, are afraid to illuminate the dust falling here , the stream of trees, green was really fake ah!She stopped at the end of the village looked at the stream corridor back to Lan reluctant to leave.From the plot wife reluctantly, I feel the feeling of water and a village complex with a pulse of life.  Patio patio is a skylight old house, old house surrounded by the tightly rammed earth walls, a door shut could see only smoke out of the house.The skylight is the only territory to take the old house Light.Every day is a day to float from the well every night by moonlight dream is to enter the house from well people sleep.So the patio than other wells becomes more profound.Days for the bottom, as the eyes of the electrode wall, such as a pool on that round moon Tian, moon water, rain water, to a Zhao Zhao, a Bay Unit, after Heiwa drenched old house, from It sinks to four weeks, and from the wellhead injected into the square of the old house, dubbed the “four Rivers Church return.”.Village though not dry, but definitely never too much water, just as you do not mind spawned excessive.They often say that the main Ding Shan, water main fiscal, select village with mountains and water door, the house must select case.  Village people still love to dream.Wake up is life, life is a dream.Nongsang like reading a dream to do, like doing the Cowboy grazing dream, a dream to become an immortal like firewood, fishing is like a dream to do JiangTaiGong.One dreams are flying out at midnight from the patio, but unfortunately second patio is still just returned from a day.Of course, there are mouth patio, between God occasionally from here, the superposition of a dream, put the stairs leading to high heaven of a base class, and finally ushered in God, the old house is the last name on the title bang, Scholars!Lifts!What a glorious.In order to Zong Ze wind long cotton along from generation to generation, several generations of people dream is to become craftsman works on a sculpture patio parapet, later known as wall hangings.Montagnards like tea, like smoke, bubble tea is spring water, as if the smoke is this courtyard of water bubble.When the smoke throughput grandfather, wall hangings finished those stories, said the sky out of the well in the attic of Scholars.  Playing well water is fresh, sweet drink more.Well not drunk dry, but the exhaustion of disuse.A locked door of the old house, the house of people have moved away.Emerged from the courtyard the day nobody salvage, from here into the moonlight can not find sleep, no one is listening to the rain came the voice of the sky, the courtyard became abandoned wells mouth, here is the final free to put down when the owner left a few broken flower pot, cut a few small wooden stick.  Patio of water relative to the stream, like a passenger and a main, a broken family off road, the owner of the natural solitude, I look withered old patio, look at the front of the stream seemed to be lonely and haggard, if there are from this patio out of the dream, it must be a nightmare.  Feng Shui is like a tree brook guide, bring the mountain leaves berries, also brings the wind out of the mountain.A surname root in a cove, and certainly attracted streams.Visible, regardless of the village are visible or invisible and out along this waterway.People in the village bold but cautious.Bold, dare to explore and expand accounting col started to build the village; cautious, everything can not easily accept unsolicited.They hunt, but let fled to the mountain village muntjac deer; they catch the night, but released through the frog Laogui.However intangible culture, ethos no bones of the body, unable to discern right from wrong, can not distinguish between good and evil.Faced with these invisible things no bones of the body, people in the village had to give it to the tree.They stream out of the village into the village in the Pass, the village where spacious area planted with trees.Tree waited at the intersection, go ask the usher wind water, wind keep evil block Bling, a ray to a surge go, carefully screened, leaving peaceful, gather at Bling, ensure a safe environment, doing only this tree – Feng shui tree when affordable.  Gust of wind, the tree, flapping sound; to a gust of wind, the tree, in the stream under shaking shadow enantiomer.It is like a surface of the flag, a surname occupied this position is inserted under the flag.Flapping in the wind sound to herald the positions owner’s surname, swaying shadow of countryman greeting sent forward to this show of dignified deportment.This saw the flag in the village know that under the banner of.Here can take a rest, Kou sweet tea, the entire back of an entire home wandering pack, move along the stream.Livelihoods can discuss that tree branch head into action in the village, shouting Lanhuo.Home care can put down all the way, scooped the stream to wash my face, shout: I’m back!The soul is lost, but also in the long evocation grandmother’s curse, recognize the end of a tree head water back!Flag feng shui tree, village.  Tree standing in the village of feng shui tree, became a rural landscape, it Xunde grandfather’s pipe down a long tree fireworks taste.It is like listening to the men talk about farming, said Luo words like those women engaged in small talk training children, innocent children like to listen to songs.But now many villages, such as trees, only a few old people, each basking in the sun, and do not speak.The elderly compared to younger trees of course, but it looked even more decrepit than the trees, and can not reproduce deep wisdom in his eyes, tears halogen muddy stream does not move a little life.Although compared to young people in the village, he has a wire-bound genealogy of manners, unfortunately, only a deserted old chronology.Life is short, life in a burst of cries, and died in a burst of cries.Relative to these trees, people such as a drop of dew, like a wisp of wind.Hundreds of years old trees do not know how many of dew hanging, pocket too much wind.This is the meal wind places exposed trees grow from generation to generation the story of a village.Lu wind constant turnover, the tree was always young, not too old story of a young tree, you can from generation to generation.If lost this morning dew and wind, feng shui tree probably not produce a story.Blame the wind blowing the tree will always be a voice, water flows also lamented, even the best dancers also good to teach this old tree, for many years remain the same action.sigh!Sigh infected me, and I followed sigh!sigh!  Water End Bridge Hill is the backbone, such as days of the Valley warehouse; jacked up the backbone of this day, the day bin collection this side of the water.Mountain, watery Mother Father, raising many Montagnards.Although the mountain is behind the front of the hill, mountain or hill; the source of water from the valley, turn nine eighth bend still valley.But lifted the mountain can pull to put on a glorious clouds, can withstand the stars listening to Chang E sigh; gurgling streams can pick all the way scenery Yung Lan Xin Hui quality of the scenery, the sea can be rushed to the river tapping Chaosheng.This raise a landscape of mountain people, adhering to the same natural mountain outside the thick plot of Heavenly, as lingering mountains outside the water situation.Dreams grow wings that frame through the valley of a bridge, east of the village water tail bridge, the dream is most clear most texture bridge.  Stream, to the east of the village turned the corner, she married into the village.However, this stream into the affection of the village.Men feet drip into the river, the smell of sweat melt into the water, which embraced the fresh water in the sound; woman hands soak into the water, body temperature warm stream, shallow smile, the river had the woman’s face and veins pulse warmth.This stream, the village of all let her go unencumbered right?Who says water ruthless, streams before this village, there is a river full of love, it turned a corner, clustered into waves back to Lan, read the old house, read the feng shui tree, seen domed, seen tall ” Bo Zhou left Lie “in monument Square, parting feelings passed the village everyone.At night and think, how can I keep this love.Wisdom laid the cornerstone of the gods with the dream enlightenment, at the exit of this water flow, repair the bridge, as a large country threshold, so the village can hold hope.Feet taken the threshold is not home, the bridge is out of their homes.Body can do at home, the dream to stay in the old house, away from the village can be, and total root in their homeland.Home in front of the lord is my grandfather, long pipes aimed at the descendants of the lost family tradition is sad birds under the gun, could not fly back to the house.Old bridges are parting on watch, and the extension of the main bridge of his temple, as gods in the shrine of the bridge, guarding the village Respect fear, the industrious started frugal statesmen, sages read, speak Collection of filial piety, a wanderer expect a hometown celebration.If betraying disloyal, will come evil gas, the bridge will be blocked off, do not let it blow into village.  Mountain backbone mapped to the river, the stream became a bone of the body, the soul became her morning cooking Muyan.Loess do bone marrow, firewood burnt-out soul, no matter where the stream, crashed tone is always accent, raising grass Mu spend forever with earth atmosphere.The water is always the end of the bridge of her most beautiful rainbow Review.  And bent old man, his eyes were bent to the ground and locked the brook, he went to the corridor, not far from the village, just sitting in the bridge, take a look at coming and going, then handed to a few people in the past cigarettes, several people stopped talking.Water under the bridge less than a pedestrian bridge, was not less possessor of reflection, the water could not find the spine of the mountain.If more water than the old bridge’s uncle, more lonely, I do not know whether the fish stopped on several talk.  And another uncle came from here, the bridge uncle said: Basilica of gods or repair it!Hopefully Great God bless.What bless?Grandpa knew, bridges and water under the bridge may also know that the water is still breathing under the bridge Yang Zhao ripples Review.  2009, 12, 10 to listen to Xuan [Editor: Can children]

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