Brother, I love you

Twenty – fifth after coming back from Japan, the liquidation group on the reception telephone mill, paper mill has closed down more than a decade, till now only go through relevant procedures, hurriedly rush to Macheng, the train away far to see Mui laughed at me, sister is an honest man at the exit, and we train arriving half past seven, sister, her husband more than six on a train station to pick me up, to see a lot of warm hearts sister, has been talk on and kept in the car, there is an indescribable heart moved out this long, most think of two or sister.Grew jealous of others having sisters, and I myself was only a brother, but fortunately identified the two sisters, also felt a kinship from them, every home can chat with my sister and two hearts, then, while the second I also sincerely bit sister, only in front of them that I have no concerns, spoiled, rogue nature always inadvertently revealed in front of them, is that they make up my regret, there are sister feels so good.At home, elderly parents indescribable joy, mother eyes were red, and has been in trouble for the last time something guilty, though not her intention, but she’s headstrong almost lost my life, to see my mother poor look, I relented, turn to comfort her, accompanied by their parents, came to the mill temporary workers liquidation group of former political situation in the financial.Ready to rush after finishing the next day back to Guangzhou, because Japan had just come back immediately rushed to the Macheng, the company has a lot of things have not been processed, plus several previously booked to Sichuan team, the reasons are because of the earthquake the change lines, some old customers a year to fix all this time looking for me, I let other people responsible for the company, may be the reason many years of cooperation, they did not see myself, I would rather put off so I came back and then deal with, plus notify the Board of Education meeting on Monday, I did not dare to stay at home and more.Home just two days time, did not accompany their parents at home, a meal, my friends are warmly received, the West home owner please pick, almost had to sinners, my mother phones have been urging me to go home, he came home, mom and dad talked to me in all seriousness, I may come back to tell the news Gesao mother, sister-in-law called me and asked me to have to go to her anyway, who lives in one night, and then go home from Ezhou.Last year, a trifle and brother angry, almost a year of the time I ignore my brother, he has character, it has not called me, I have always hated brother also cold, ruthless in his brother’s hate, but also for our parents kinds of tensions and anxious, brother privately said to his mother, “her sister has been too much to let you pet, pet parents, husband pet, pet her friends, too, and made her distinguish East and West, too headstrong I was about to kill her bad temper, I want her to feel the affection no taste, and see if she will not be so willful unreasonable in the future, she is my sister, the only one sister, I can not you love her?I do not care about her, and now no one can destroy her temper, my brother, my she died, her future will be even more arrogant self-willed.”(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) The mother was the phone crying, and her mother has been blamed her brother’s indifference, my mother said that if I ignore brother, she would no longer recognize the brother, the son, in fact, my brother and my mother is because the conflict is not sick brother come back, and I did not fight my brother, my brother said to pique the future no longer dealings in the future no older brother, remember to say when, Sixin pain almost knocked me down, in my eyes, my brother is love my brother, although I almost forty people, and when his brother happy, he still likes to bite my face, tightly held me in his arms, feeling good warm, even on the side of daughter see also feel the loving uncle, has been, my brother is with his unique way of expressing his love.Such a stiff is more than a year, my brother does not talk to me, I do not care for him, sister-in-law in the middle of trying a few times, but why I am this person is stubborn temper ,, brother was hospitalized late last year, my mother gave me the phone I was anxious, though saying one to ignore his brother, after all, he was my only brother, my brother is gone, in this world is that he is the closest person to me, and let her uncle to play a lot of phone after all I basically learned brother’s condition by phone every day, but also specifically went to Qingyuan brother coming to the temple to burn incense, only to he was discharged, I considered reassuring.I have been criticized that they are useless, it’s clear that good no longer care for his brother, he has chosen worried.The home parents almost forced detention Ezhou way I, I do not know how my mother and brother said, just when I get on the train, my brother called and this is my first more than a year when times and call his brother, his brother playing the mother’s cell phone, I received a telephone brother, involuntary cry of “brother”, I told my brother, sister-in-law drove to the train station to pick us up, let us at the exit of the train station, etc. a bit.After looking at what, almost a decade older brother never been home a few times did not hurry back home to his brother, who lives on the day sister-in-law has been blaming me look down on them, even they would not enter the house, before really for reasons of work and time, see the sister-in-law said, I also feel embarrassed.Back home, his brother, his brother did not come back out to socialize, I think, good, save me the embarrassment, sister-in-law to do the meal, my brother since I’ve moved to a new house never been, simply looked at, brother home live or stay ten years ago, ten years ago, a color TV or kind, colors are distorted, brother sister-in-law are civil servants, not low income, but they have been very frugal, very clean and tidy house.Just eaten dinner, my brother came back, my brother confessed to his wife to take us out to eat, because I go home a few, every day, eat in restaurants, lips are lit, and I let sister-in-law gave me a little pot of porridge , drank green bean soup, also feel more comfortable than eating outside the restaurant, brother, sister-in-law still did not bring reproach me out to eat, when to take advantage of his long-winded, I am a lucky man went to the living room.Brother hugged me in my mouth doom bite, his face immediately, there were two deep teeth marks on his side bite and said “Do not you recognize me, you are not what I want my brother, you are not say less than my house, killed you, look at you, no, no wayward headstrong?”At that time, I cried in the arms of his brother, and this is my brother, and I have the same blood flow, the only one in this world and I come out of the womb with a brother.Brother loves me, he always loved me in his own way, his character has always been introverted deep, but why do I am an extrovert, like what happened saying one, after saying what did not, although there are too many misunderstandings between us, my brother in this bite, all the misunderstandings dissolve.We are avoided in the past, do not talk about unpleasant things, specially at night the family was out walking, I came to work in government buildings brother, I had wanted to go to the supermarket at night to his brother replace TV, but unfortunately came too late, supermarket closed, the next morning, while his brother was still asleep when I took my mother to the city of Suning Appliance to his brother bought a plasma 32-inch rear-projection TV, but at this time, my brother also drove around to help me find the mouse because my laptop mouse is broken, my brother is not my intention when the Internet to see that a bit, and he did this determination, afraid I have to the Internet on the train, not the mouse is not very convenient.Brother has been spending money should not blame me, I just smiled, due out for several days, the company also many things, plus also informed the Board of Education meeting on Monday, I have to arrive in Guangzhou on Sunday, his brother, who lives in the one night, my brother would help me return ticket, big brother to me bags packed to the brim, I have been sent to the train station when I left, I Zaisandingning attention to their own body.Until the train, I began to cry in front of my brother I always pretend to be a very cool effect and, from beginning to end I did not say “sorry” for his brother, always will play just how strong their own good and strong character in fact I had already been touched by heart cried a river, always said to myself a little better, always said to be kind to others, treat yourself, but again and again the bad mood will repel yourself to a loss up.Always thought he was a strong woman, fragile and not know it, but by any sad topic.On the way back, I sent a text message to his brother, “I have home safely, you have to drink less, take care yourself, because flesh and blood, because you are my only brother on the train I’ve been crying, I recall in the past, I was too headstrong original, the original family has been at my side, my brother, I love you!”My brother receive the text message, immediately phoned me, has always comforted me on the phone, I came back in a few days, the brother’s phone has not stopped, he was concerned about my body, I had been in love, but it was too headstrong, neglected brother this unique way of love, always thought he was indifferent.Mom has been talk on and on, she said I can always outsiders this tolerance, this loving, why his brother was such a fuss?I always think that I can tolerate indifference to outsiders, but can not tolerate her brother’s indifference, because, in this world he is the only and I flow with the same blood, he was my only brother, he is my brother, he will love me, have patience with me, care about me, I’m considerate, how do I to him, also asked him to do to me, has been in this state of mind to ask his brother, just today I learned that my brother does not love me, just the way he and other people are different, his words are not good at the table, not good at revealing himself, in his mind, I can do will make money, I can handle myself, I did not make life difficult for the Hom, I do not know too fragile, I also need family care and greetings.See their parents happy smile, hear Gesao cordial greetings, as if back to the past, I believe the future will be more warm days.

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