Unprecedented!The port for three consecutive years ahead of schedule to break through a thin championship Hengda throw off

  Beijing on March 13, 2018 season's AFC Champions League group stage match of the fourth round of all-out war。
Shanghai Port on the team went to South Korea, the away team Ulsan Hyundai。 Since the first three games of the Hong Kong team has achieved two wins a level of success, today's game will be able to win two rounds ahead as long as access to qualify。
Eventually, they live up to expectations, with Elkeson goal 1: 0 victory over the opponent, in?Group F ahead of Deus Ex。   As the two won the AFC championship strong performance, the AFC Guangzhou Hengda become the most talked about super team。
Since Hengda record too well, the other team's style becomes dim a lot。
However, with the rise of the port in recent years, the situation has changed。
Since 2016 AFC first time on stage, the port also achieved impressive record。   2016, the Hong Kong Shanghai entering the AFC will have a very good performance, although they lose in the first round group stage, but then in the group stage with a wave of four straight qualifying round advance to achieve the feat。 And to the 1/8 finals, the Hong Kong Shanghai eliminated FC Tokyo Japanese team reached the Top 8。 But in the quarterfinals, the Hong Kong Shanghai Unfortunately, the traditional giants team lost to South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai, so in his first season with regret that the AFC AFC stop at the Top 8。
  To the 2017 season, with the arrival of Villas-Boas, the Oscar, Akhmedov and other reinforcements, and then start on the journey to Hong Kong Shanghai。
In the 2017 AFC Champions League group stage, this arm of the Hong Kong Shanghai Boas very strong, by virtue of their 4-1 record is get ahead of a team qualify。
After entering the 1/8 finals, played on the port of Shanghai has been significant progress。 By 2016, the Port of Shanghai is scraped reached the AFC Champions League Top 8, but by 2017, the Port of Shanghai is in the 1/8 finals very comfortably double play in Jiangsu Suning and 8 in advance。
After that, they were eight into four games with Hengda staged two thrilling match-ups, the first leg in 4: by his opponent to level the score 0 lead in the final on penalties to win the case, not only reflect on the harbor Hengda has had no less favorable than strength, but also reflects the team enough tenacity。 Despite losing to Japan's Urawa Red Diamonds in the semifinals, but as a sophomore AFC Champions League, have been able to achieve such results is not easy。   AFC race for two consecutive years, two years ahead of qualifying from the group stage and because two consecutive years, reached the Top 8, the Hong Kong Shanghai's strong performance is evident。
This year, the Hong Kong to participate in the AFC Champions League third more seasoned。 Chiang Rai qualifying win 1-0 with just one appetizer, to the stage of the race, they are irresistible。 Three wins and a flat start, especially away team beat South Korea's feat, the team demonstrates the domineering。 On this year's Hong Kong, has been satisfied ahead of a group stage, this time, they will lock themselves qualify premise point in time went round。
Previously, only last year's Super team in Jiangsu Suning to do this before。 And for three consecutive years ahead of the group stages, it is described as "unprecedented", creating a precedent for super team。   After qualified, powerful on the Hong Kong to Shanghai, certainly for the AFC has a higher pursuit。 In our view, at least three consecutive years qualify for the AFC Champions quarterfinals, it should be relatively easy to accomplish a "small target" this season will be the first in team history in Hong Kong and strive to seat the AFC championship trophy excellent opportunity。 On Hong Kong, looking at you!  (Jie)。

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