I think, for my growth has been helpful, I can not forget brother.Especially in my childhood, my brother is the guardian inseparable.Although it has some guardian of their parents, but more of that unforgettable brotherhood.Childhood is difficult pinnacle of our family, the family of eleven people struggling to live only by the two parents.So parents we rarely take into account the slightly larger after us, usually a little too young to care a little longer.I’ve seen a lot of other sister care of younger siblings look.They often siblings spick and span, but also the hair is whitewash, generally bright flowery dress.My brother is different.That he is only a man of “masculine” of care.He led us playing is not playing mud soil, usually the “arch clouds, fog drilled,” is often a gray melon-like, as a whole Shichiro sweating like a big painted face.Playmate is our brother and our caregivers.His care is usually in a strong means to make us give in, let us obey, because he was busy playing.Let’s say he was playing in the pool, he yells loudly chased us away from the water’s edge, he would severely limit our tree, climbing walls, playing on the shore.When I first started school, he would wake up sleepy kick my feet urged me to go to school.Sometimes my brother was a “Chilipawai” guy.When I first truancy, and others he had reached a potential, it just carried me school.Brother also has a softer side.In winter, when snow slippery, and he would not let me slip my hand in hand.Summer, playing in the weed in many places, he told the adults will listen to the first beat with a wooden poisonous weeds driven; will give us catch a bug compiled a small cage; will be brave when bullied by others to standing in front of us.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) I remember once in the village put the film, we moved stone big brother to let us sit down, he Quban own sitting, back when the stone had been moved beagle Hardy Boys.So they began to argue, along with a bunch of fist attracted.Big Brother was the same age I was holding the third brother, we rushed to his arms arched back, either rained fists on the body Cookin.The scene so far I can remember.Because of my brother, I increased the number of childhood joy; because of my brother, my childhood much less a disaster.I want to thank my brother.

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