Afternoon husband pick up the kids from school, cooking, etc. I came back three of their son, at this time, to hear the sound outside the car, the business again.Treasurer who can really think of a cis, seems to be programmed procedures, noon husband pick up the kids from school also had left it to the customer to repair.  I welcome the call went out, the driver began to ask: “Aerobic no welding?”I said yes, he quickly asked:” There is no air?”I said:” Yes, just welder out, have to wait a few minutes, come back soon.You both to sit.”” Do not sit, let me first bumper unload.To wait for the next welding.”They unloaded the bumper on the outside while I went to a cooking.The elder came in and said: “find a stool, my brother will not do that leg.”I thought he was going high stool to sit comfortably, looking for an individual who knows he kind of little stool, I’m busy did not pay attention to his intentions, but did not pay attention to a bumper Why would unload so long.  The children came back, her husband greet customers, I called the kids dinner, after her daughter had to go to study hall.  Soon weld, and their installation, her husband also came in for dinner.  After a long, hot look for the brother came to his brother wash their hands.I end wash water to him, noticed that his leg is very convenient, specially for him to support high basin.He was very grateful and said: “Thank you, sister-in-law.My brother can not even have screws on, I cut the thigh, is artificial limb, not squatting, you delay too long.”I said:” You are too kind, not any delay us what.ADM, you will be much, much more you dry Well.You just said this earlier, so help you install the welder.”Well, who would have thought that even a brother was big-bodied screws can not get up, let disabled brother sitting on a small stool safety bumper!No wonder removal and installation have spent so long.  ”You know this, you first come here, go to a few places did not welded, and some say no oxygen welding does not work, and some that did not take the gas.You really welders welding well, with ordinary welding to welding lived.”” Oh, my forte is the welder who welded the thin thick, and taking into account your costs, try to make you less money to solve the problem, your oxygen gas welding, high welding costs down.”” This is really the master arts high, so I sent him a cigarette to go.”Then it turned and limped brother walked to the back room of her husband being six or seven meters deep in the hall, I could not bear to see him go too hard, quickly he said:” Well, I must tell you mind.”Surprisingly, he insisted on going to her husband fuming.I estimate that cigarette than to the husband received the extra money also pleased, sometimes, you will encounter a lot more valuable than money – to be recognized, respected people.This is enough to make people happy.  Time to send them away, I noticed that my brother first set foot on the car with the good leg, then struggled to move the piece is not going to bend the prosthesis, she got into the driver’s seat.The brother of course, peace of mind to be contained.When he smiled farewell with us, I awe, so sunny optimism, gratitude and a lot of normal people can not do ah.

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