Bubble duck

Salted duck eggs on the market, my mother did not look good then soak delicious.  Option slightly suffused with light cyan gray duck, uniform heads of dozens of pieces, placed in a small urn, saline rather monotonous, put enough salt, pepper and aniseed star anise can be.  So you put into it, usually remember to fight the whole urn mouth clean, frequently changes the water, basically do not have too much to worry about.    More than a month of effort, has become.Fish out, take a cut open, golden yellow powder would gushing out, every grain of powder are flashing yellow crystal clear tones, enlivened in the eyes as if it already flew into your mouth, it can feel Like delicious.Salted duck eggs is the most superior bubble out of the oil, egg yolks Wangwang, prettily.Pierce your taste buds, and quickly go to eat.Sven remember too little, or it will eat ginseng fruit-like with the pig, which let a few mouthfuls of delicious salted duck eggs rolling down the throat down to the stomach Shunliu son, and called his tongue and taste buds very sorry – we do not have to retain more than for a while, they called to account for it, hum.    But even so, your brain has to keep in mind such a delicious, salty moderate, one hundred Yu Jin Huanghui reflected color, delicious pink slip.Such a salted duck eggs to eat only the best mother brewed, also described as color, flavor and taste.    When my mother duck bubble is very popular, full of praise neighbor, said good together.So there will always be the same puzzled — duck eggs, the same condiments, brewing the same, but the taste is the difference between getting bigger, some are off almost no oil bubble to Wang, so the taste of natural greatly reduced, as if telling a tale of a roads, no amazing scenery.My mother can cook the duck, as if the hand of God to help like every time is so seductive, just a cut, you will see oil egg yolk, which is technology!Unique offerings!    Mother duck bubble is mainly used supplement the family income, eighties if you could from time to time to eat salted duck eggs, that’s quite a luxury thing, like us poor people are unattainable.Mother always filled with small basket, destroyed the market to sell, every time a looted.In particular, the Dragon Boat Festival, that is in short supply can.In those years, the mother sell duck eggs money to subsidize tuition of their children.Our family usually eat a small one, ulceration of the skin, impaired duck shape, but it also did not affect the taste, I Yaotouhuangnao Zazhuo egg yolk, trying to let it stays for a while in the mouth.    Only ruminant this wonderful taste of it in the memory, since the mother got sick, there is no dip in the duck.

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