Bubble Life

Standing on the balcony, looking at the rain, nothing, suddenly remembered to blow bubbles.Just bought a bottle, inundated with rain outside the window to blow away!    Wanted to rain down, a touch of foam on the break, did not want this plucky little guys actually still exudes a seven-color light gone with the wind, cloudy day, the foam is still as in general, different colors in the sun.    Such a scene reminds me of the philosophy of life, even if wind and rain, to do a bubble, shining his light in rainy years!    If a closer look, some are colorless, listen to people say, it is just not thick clouds of light hitting it, again, they have become the seven colors!    This makes me filled with emotion, when we fail to think of myself as that has not been irradiated to bubble it, one day you will be discovered and others as the bright spot.    Of course, the foam can not do everything, it’s not fragile, do not do it drift, do not do it flashed.Do yourself a perfect bubble.Nightlife Network

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