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Part One: Buddha “Buddha” in today’s atheistic society, there are still a lot of people are doing.And where Buddha efficacious, is become the people most care about.It is said that the Buddha come true here, there will be a lot of people to patronize; some say there’s Buddha efficacious, there will be another group of people going there.In the tourist season, those more famous Buddhist temple, there will be spectacular sea of people.  Buddhist but quiet place, get rid of all distractions.Buddhist temple should be an elegant and quiet, fresh and quiet, is today the world’s most gorgeous “peaceful” place.Those who live in the Red, come here, come all with craze.Why should people such a “peaceful” place into interest, greed, the desire to pray for it?Only to satisfy their own desires, the pursuit of a moment of happiness.I see people who are also in vain, because what they have in mind, is Buddha can not help.  A pursuit of power and fame, heart becomes narrow, endless desire, and power and fame will become a siege of his walls, no freedom.A no man’s freedom, how has the music?  ”No Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror.I had no one first.where.”We when nothing should read this verse poem.Good and bad things in the world are in people’s minds, you want him well he will be good, you want him bad he bad.Why do not maintain a sense of balance?Let yourself not pleased, not to have compassion, to let things in the world go with the flow.  As long as the hearts of the “Buddha”, all Buddhist temples are the same.As long as the hearts of the “Buddha”, infinitely broad mind, a mind free Guaai, no terror, away from the distorted dream, then how on earth those mundane and the capture people’s freedom of it?    Part II: Buddha – requires peace for many years, because they work, I have many opportunities to go around.Wherever he went, scenic spots, tourist attractions, especially the temple temples are my must-where.When these tourist attractions, and sometimes fly and sometimes choosers, but the only Buddhist temple, regardless of size, I have to visit.Each time with a heart of reverence and piety of heart, savor; each feeling as if they have been reborn like a baptism.  For the Buddha, I have my own way, it is not necessarily burned incense and bowed, but in the hearts of meditation and chanted convergence undisciplined mind can achieve tranquility and peace of mind.I have a unique place, Buddha is not seeking money, just peace.I have this principle and a few closest friends talking, some agree, others are laughing at me Zimingqinggao.  I’ve seen a lot of Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha, bodhisattvas and does not require the faithful must worship they must also burned incense and bowed.I believe in a saying called “heart to know God.”.This sentence is used here is the Buddha heart to know.As long as the heart devout, why worry so much about the external form?Especially in the past few years the temple is not quiet, holy place had some money-making became a place, say only contributed money incense in the temple is not the only place where you can get reward; incense is also not contribute money after you you can sit back and relax, everything will be fine.  Buddhist devotees to learn the truth of Buddhism, conducted its own practice in accordance with these principles.But some people are blind superstition, just know that burned incense and bowed, worship Buddha.Buddha like to see you burn incense, bowed, and really anything can bless you, as if your destiny is to master the Buddha, the Buddha is your ruler.In fact, this is totally misinterpreted the teachings of Buddhism, it is a completely fundamental error had been upside down.Sauna net Buddha, Buddhist scriptures are teaching people to practice, and practice is the so-called method of teaching people to practice by learning the Buddha or Buddhist scriptures say, to correct their thinking, modify their behavior.By practice, they can do to achieve calm, full of joy, as well as to a higher realm.The result of this practice that is simple, in fact, people are very difficult to achieve, is the need for a deep spiritual effort.Buddhist scriptures say the preaching, which is passed to the method you practice, not a Buddha say to you, what you do not learn, what will be, what could have been.  In fact, in life, everyone in practice, just different levels of practice it!You can take the initiative to the temple and pray, regardless of heart worship or worship with their bodies, at least, is the fear of the Buddha.I pray for the fiscal find a lot of people, but people who have seen the Buddha would make a fortune?People’s blessings are taken from their own labor, not external forces that can give the.And there are a lot of people to seek money, often overlooked pray for peace, only to run into disaster people think of the word.Only experienced the disaster of people who can truly understand the meaning of the word.  Safe life, everyone has the luxury, but not everyone can get.A person from birth, parents’ wishes first and foremost, and it is the parents wish to follow the life of children.Fear is in addition to the human irresistible natural disasters, a lot of trouble is they do not live up to expectations provoke.To avoid these problems, you need to practice, practice to achieve through peace of mind, peace of mind is to achieve peace.Buddhist teachings as well as a major role, is the ordinary people seem very troublesome thing, can be achieved by persuading the spiritual liberation.In other words explanation is that for any trouble, just freed from moral, not be a trouble.These self-inflicted troubles (or annoyance), also known as spiritual shackles, and these so-called spiritual shackles, Buddhists believe are their own up to their own sets of.  Often say “no big deal to mind, not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door.”According to Buddhist explanation is that, as long as they have no ghosts, where you can be a Ghosts?The so-called ghost, had made out of his own mind.Buddhist scriptures say very clearly that evil is a ghost, the good side is the Buddha.As long as the hearts of the Buddha, Dharma joy will be full, quiet heart.And as long as the quiet heart, is the greatest peace.  These explanations are a bit of my own feelings and experiences, to share to you today, I hope we can get physical and mental peace.    Part III: Buddha out of the window, birds chirping joy pierced the silence of the room, a trace of weak light through the chink in the curtains woke me up from sleep.Draw the curtains, see the sky has been cleaned rainy night outside the score perfectly clear, full compensation night dew green grass out of little hands excitedly to greet the arrival of dawn, the flowers blooming beautiful face proudly tell people the arrival of spring.While the soft wind blowing, fresh air mixed with the fragrance of flowers floated into the room, let me temporarily forget the night last night nightmare.  Open the calendar, today is the first day found.Go out to feel the vitality and quiet spring temple bar.Certain idea, then pick up the phone dialed a friend’s phone, there will be friends from Duke pulled out, went straight to today’s destination – Chinese Temple.Chinese Temple Chongqing is more famous temple, the temple is said to scenery, often the first and fifteenth incense, prosperous moment.  Car just driving to Hua Yan will smell the air, floating faint smell of incense.I looked up and saw an antique building everywhere in the car come to a modern city.Qingwa red walls of temples, ancient streets, revealing the old downtown.If people are not around all dressed in modern clothes, I kind of illusion through time and space.  There is a Buddhist temple outside Hua Yan supplies business district.I also do as the Romans, to the business district to buy some incense.Because today is the first day of reason, bustling business district, from time to time someone holding a 1-meter-high temple incense into the.People looked around the bustling, Temple found in China in addition to part of devout Buddhists, some of it is to come to the visitors outing.  China entered the Temple, they feel the road is full of peace and serenity temple atmosphere, noisy hubbub of the city have been cut off at the outside of the red walls, this is the heart of the city is not a place to go to be contaminated with earthly.The temple has a temple located in the center of a tall golden Buddha, Buddha, surrounded by woods, surrounded by golden Buddha face kind, majestic Buddha body, people feel a kind of dignity deterrent momentum.Side view of pilgrims, I saw them pious hands together praying, probably in prayer in the new year the whole family can be smooth, healthy and safe it.In fact, it is also praying for one wish for the coming year better and I learned their appearance point candle, incense King.Futon next to the staff there, telling people burn incense devout, gold Buddha pagoda base is to be carried into the shrine.So I close with the crowd with the inside.The pagoda is placed like a size ten thousand Buddha tower of the Golden Buddha in the room base, around the tower stood a few staff and a monk monk.Pious people will go around eleven public worship Buddha.I heard the staff, donated twenty yuan merit will be able to receive a peace symbol, bless the family in peace.If so nice ring for you as well as master of First Instance of the Buddha preaching.Makha Bucha Tarifa receive talismans people plenty of money, devout crowd has a two-ish eye-catching young girl, I saw her eyes Wei Bi, murmuring reverently worship the Buddha and to all the worship, after around a week from his pocket and took out 20 dollars for respectful on the table, pulled out a sign in front of the monks walked reverently request for her to answer the monks in prayer, the monks asked: “are you asking or marriage future, “the girl said:” I asked the future.”Then to hear the answer of the monk that a pass puzzling words.Looking at the people in the temple to burn incense, seeking a fortune, two security and peace, the third is votive.Allspice are people with folded hands and reverently worship.I could not help against the Golden Buddha asked: Buddha ah, you worship people to look at the audience, you can achieve the aspirations of a few people?  Since the holding candles, so I’ve learned to look to see people all the incense temple worshiped.I hastily friends see the image of Buddha, smile and talk to me: “You have to worship that is not piety, Buddha will blame you,” I said: “Buddhist widely read conservative, to the gracious Lord Buddha is not to blame my, do not say I pray to plead, but at the same time pray to feel the soul of generosity and clean contaminated earth, washing the Buddha, seeking a mood.”It’s the way to go all the way to ridicule.Finds that the row with the past is different, each will have to face a temple Merciful persuade the elderly pious people only money, we need to donate to speak like merit.People do not actually feel that the temple has become increasingly commercialized.

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